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Pillow Cover

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Plant-derived comfort for your pillow

A pillow cover designed to be used in combination with KAPOK Sleep Ket.

It also uses materials derived from eucalyptus, so it has a smooth texture and excellent moisturizing and quick-drying properties.

Even if you have it in the same color as the Sleep Ket, we recommend that you enjoy combining it with different colors. It's reversible, so you can use the front and back sides depending on your mood.

Click here for "Sleep Ket" that can be used together.

Pillow Cover
Pillow Cover Sale price¥4,500

Smooth texture made from eucalyptus-derived material

The soft, melting texture is so comfortable that it puts your cells to sleep.

This material is both moisturizing and quick-drying, making it useful all year round.

It is also a sustainable material that decomposes when buried in the soil and returns to nature.

Various colors, reversible

We offer a variety of colors to match both calm and bright rooms.

It is reversible, so you can turn it over to suit your mood and create the atmosphere of your room just the way you want.

Structure that hides the pillow inside

The lid can be closed by inserting the mouth part inside, so

You won't be able to see the pillow inside or it won't come out while you sleep.

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