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Article: Sustainable fashion is trending | Stylish and environmentally friendly!

Sustainable fashion is trending | Stylish and environmentally friendly!

What criteria do you use when choosing the clothes you want to wear?
There are many options to choose from, including price, design, and material.
This time, we will introduce sustainable fashion choices that take the global environment into consideration.

What is sustainable fashion?

"Sustainable" is written as "sustainable" in English and means "sustainable." Some of you may have heard this term in terms such as "SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)." "Sustainable" here refers to a sustainable range in which future generations do not have to worry about resources and the present generation can live a satisfied life. It means that · · · Thanks to advances in science and technology, we are now able to enjoy a convenient life. However, on the other hand, it is true that a great deal of environmental destruction is occurring. We need to live a sustainable lifestyle that is considerate of the natural environment so as not to harm the lives of future generations, including our children. Furthermore, sustainability refers to not only environmental aspects but also social and economic sustainability systems.

Sustainable fashion refers to fashion that is sustainable from an environmental, social, and economic perspective, but what exactly does it mean?

Why sustainable fashion is gaining attention

Specifically, in sustainable fashion,
・Use organically grown materials
- Trade materials at fair prices with producers in developing countries through fair trade.
・No animal experiments

Production is carried out with consideration for nature, people, animals, etc. Sustainable fashion allows us to protect the natural environment, people and animals living in other countries.


3Rs of sustainable fashion

The 3Rs are a specific example of sustainable fashion initiatives.
3R consists of the following three contents.
・Recycle (recycle resources)

Reduce means reducing the amount of resources used and the amount of waste.
in particular,
・Know what clothes you own so you don't buy similar clothes
・Use the clothes you buy for a long time

Reuse means using something you already have again.
in particular,
・Donate clothes you no longer need or sell them at flea markets.
・Purchase second-hand clothes
Etc. In fashion, Reuse is probably the easiest of the 3Rs to start with.

③Recycle (recycle resources)
Recycling is the reuse of things that are no longer used and would otherwise be thrown away as other resources.
in particular,
・Cut up clothes that you no longer wear and throw away and use them as rags.
-Choose clothes made from recycled materials

fashion and environmental issues

Next, let's take a look at how much fashion is connected to environmental issues. In fact, the fashion industry is the industry that places the second largest burden on the environment. (The first is the oil industry.) Have you ever heard of the term "fast fashion"? Fast fashion refers to a style in which clothes that incorporate current trends are released one after another at low prices. Especially in recent years, when fast fashion has become popular, clothes are produced in large quantities and consumed in large quantities. The chemical fertilizers and pesticides used to produce the materials needed to make large quantities of clothing are at issue. Another problem is that as production increases, the amount of clothing that is discarded also increases.

Introducing sustainable fashion brands

Here we will introduce five brands that promote sustainable fashion.

①People Tree

A fair trade brand originating from Japan. Based on the idea of ​​`` creating a world where people, trees, and all living things on earth can live fairly,'' we develop products using carefully selected natural materials such as organic cotton.

②Stella McCartney

It is a luxury brand that can be said to be a representative of sustainable fashion. We do not use any animal-sacrificing leather or fur, and instead use artificial materials. It is a sustainable brand that actively works on environmental conservation such as forest protection.

Enter the E

A select shop that only sells clothes that are considerate to people and the environment. The brand's desire is to ``enjoy clothing while increasing the number of options that have less impact on people and the environment.'' We do not use pesticides, chemicals, or endocrine disruptors, and produce with consideration for the natural environment and the health of the producers.


A select shop for sustainable fashion originating from New Zealand. We are developing a certified fair trade and organic collection that is made in India while maintaining fair trade and the environment from seed to clothing. This brand is inspired by delicate, pure, and strong-willed women.


Kapok is cotton made from the nut of a tree, which is mainly harvested in Southeast Asia. Kapok was difficult to make into fiber, but after research and development, we succeeded in commercializing it. We manufacture products that are considerate of consumers, producers, and the environment.

Advantages of choosing kapok knots

Kapok Knot sells jackets and coats made from cotton produced from the fruit of the kapok tree. The secret to Kapok's lightness is the hollow fibers. When it's cold, it absorbs moisture and generates heat, and when it's hot, it releases moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable. Since the material is derived from nuts, there is no need to use animal fur or feathers or cut down trees.

In addition, Kapok Knot places importance on three things. The first is "individual happiness." We deliver products that are well-balanced in terms of function, design, and price. The second is a supply chain with human touch. We are improving working conditions, connecting producers and consumers, and building a fair trade supply chain. And the third is sustainable manufacturing and consumption. We aim for sustainable manufacturing through new materials, new technologies, and selection.


Make eco-friendly choices with sustainable fashion

This time we talked about the basics of sustainable fashion. The kind of fashion you choose and how you treat your clothes will have a different impact on the environment. Start by doing what you can, such as buying clothes that will last a long time and reusing clothes you no longer wear. Kapok Knot introduces stories related to fashion and the environment in articles. If you want to learn more about fashion and environmental issues, fair trade, etc., please take a look.

Editor's note

Studying abroad in New Zealand made me want to work on the SDGs. After returning to Japan, I have been following a vegetarian diet for environmental and health reasons. I like eating vegetable dishes and rice, and being surrounded by nature.