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Article: KAPOK JAPAN 4TH ANNIVERSARY FAIR With gratitude to everyone

KAPOK JAPAN 4TH ANNIVERSARY FAIR With gratitude to everyone

KAPOK JAPAN 4TH ANNIVERSARY FAIR ended at 23:59 on January 20th .

At the 24-hour event on January 20th , we were able to have the largest number of people ever get our products, both online and in-store , and we would like to express our gratitude to all of our staff. Thank you very much everyone.

Additionally, in commemoration of our 4th anniversary , KAPOK JAPAN will donate 4% of yesterday's sales to support reconstruction efforts following the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake .

We hope that the product you purchase will become one of your most treasured items and that you will be able to use it for a long time. Please wait for a while until the product is delivered.

Four years have passed since KAPOK JAPAN was established , and the 4th anniversary fair event has been completed.Customers who visited our online store and stores said that KAPOK KNOT has grown into a brand that is supported by many people. Even when I talked directly with him, I felt it very much.

There are still many things we would like to challenge and accomplish as KAPOK KNOT and KAPOK JAPAN .

Indonesian farmers, Japanese garment factories
KAPOK JAPAN , now in its 5th year , and KAPOK KNOT are working hard in accordance with the philosophy of Farm to Fashion,” connecting Japan and Indonesia while creating a positive cycle with all those involved who are co-creating KAPOK JAPAN. I will do it.

We appreciate your continued support for KAPOK KNOT and KAPOK JAPAN .