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Too often, fashion supply chains are impersonal and opaque, filled with sub-subcontractors and middlemen you never meet. That’s not how we want to do business. Instead, we’ve built a one-of-a-kind farm-to-fashion model, all the way from the kapok tree to you. At every step of the process, we put our values ahead of short-term cost concerns. We want Kapok Down products to bring joy to everyone involved—not just the people who wear them!
We promise to continue to make decisions based on the good of the people we work with, the planet we live on, and the animals we share it with. Our goal is to create products that are made from 100% ethical materials; we aren’t there yet, but we are getting closer every day.
Here’s how kapok gets from trees in Indonesia to inside your new favorite jacket
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Kapok farm
Carefully grown and harvested by farmers in Indonesia, the kapok fibers are spun meticulously by knowledgeable craftspeople.
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Kapok Down Sheets
The kapok fibers are blended with recycled polyester in China to create Kapok Knot’s proprietary, highly insulating, easy-to-sew Kapok Down sheets.
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Our designs marry classic jacket cuts with cutting-edge Kapok Down technology. Styled to be staples of your wardrobe, our jackets are fashion-forward, versatile, and long-lasting.
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Individually Crafted
Instead of conveyor-belt-style manufacturing, Kapok Knot jackets are singly made by individual craftspeople. Every Kapok Knot jacket has been constructed by a talented tailor, who has hand-sewn the entire garment.
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Delivered to you
Marked with a unique Kapok Knot hang tag, your Kapok Knot jacket is delivered to you, completing the long journey from kapok farm to your closet.
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Kapok Farm
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Garment Factory