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  • Our brand name KAPOK KNOT comes from the idea that we use fibers from the Kapok tree to "knot" together materials to create eco-friendly products.
  • The Kapok Knot logo is a Mizuhiki knot. This ancient Japanese art form uses a knotted obi cord to adorn gifts and symbolizes a long-lasting hope for repeated good. And that’s exactly what we wish for our planet, our Kapok Knot partners, and you.

About Kapok

  • The Kapok trees we use can be found all over Indonesia, especially in Java. It is also known as Java cotton.
  • Kapok is the name of the tree and the seedpod that can be found all over the world. It is heavily cultivated in Asia and can be used as an alternative to down. While difficult to spin, the cotton of the Kapok seeds are getting popular for their functionality and eco-friendliness.
  • It is a cottony fiber that is super soft, lightweight, absorbs moisture, allergy-friendly and can compress easily.
  • Kapok is a very high functioning fiber and has been used in textiles, such as bedding, zafu.
  • Companies in the past had a difficult time commercializing the material as the fibers harvested from the Kapok seeds are known to be very short, thus making it difficult to be spun or turned into thread.
  • After years of research and development with major companies, we are happy to announce the release of Kapok Down.

About products such as KAPOK KNOT coat & jacket

  • All products are made in Japan.
  • Kishow Fukai, is the founder of Kapok Knot. When he was introduced to Kapok in the end of 2018, he felt that it was fate, and started the brand concept of ‘KAPOK KNOT’.
  • Kapok Down refers to the cotton that comes from the fruit of the kapok tree. Although it is derived from plants, the trees themselves are not used, so there is no need to cut down the trees. As the demand for kapok increases, it will create a cycle of jobs and support forest conservation in Southeast Asia.
  • You can wash it at home, up to 104°F, by hand. In this case, please use a laundry net. When ironing, please use a protective cloth at a low temperature (up to 230°F).
  • Please refer to the size specs table.
  • We do not have a catalogue, please refer to our website and social networking pages (Instagram, Facebook).
    US website:
  • New products will be available in winter '20.

Ordering, Payment and Shipping at the Online Store

  • Shipping is a flat rate of $50        
  • We accept Visa, Master and AMEX, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Amazon pay.
  • We currently ship all items from Japan.
  • Yes, a signature is required to receive Kapok packages.
  • Standard shipping times differ by destination:
    —USA within 5-10 business days
  • Due to our quick processing time, we are unable to make changes or cancellations once the order is submitted. If you are unhappy with the products that were purchased, please reference our return policy.

About returns and exchanges

  • Sorry, please return the item. We will send you a replacement after we have confirmed the mistake or damage.
  • If you are unhappy with the items you received, we have a 20-day return policy. This means you have 20 days after receiving your item to request a return, providing they are in original resalable condition.
  • Please wait 5-10 business days for it to show up on your bank account.
  • We cannot accept returns or exchanges if the product tag has been removed.
  • Once item is successfully returned you will be entitled to receive an exchange or a refund, which will not include the cost of the original postage and packaging.


  • We strive for sustainability in our materials and practices, and we contribute 1% of our sales to environmental efforts.
  • At this time we currently do not have a traditional referral campaign or an affiliate program.
    However we do have an ambassador program. If you are someone who is passionate about the brand, cares for the environment, and is all for sustainability email us at
  • We currently do not offer gift cards, but we hope to in the near future. Please check back again soon for new offerings and updates.