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What is kapok?
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Kapok trees grow in Southeast Asia and produce seed pods filled with fluffy fibers. These hollow fibers efficiently regulate heat and wick away moisture while weighing far less than cotton and poultry feathers. But kapok’s very lightness made it difficult to craft into a commercial material—until now.
What is Kapok Down? Kapok Knot’s founder Kishow Fukai saw kapok’s potential to deliver warmth without bulk. He worked with a major Japanese textile manufacturer to develop an eco-friendly approach to kapok-based insulation. The result of his extensive research and development is Kapok Down, a patent-pending blend of kapok fiber and recycled polyester, crafted into slender, 5-millimeter sheeting that warms as well as goose down. Kapok Down opens up unlimited design possibilities, breaking down-driven warmth out of its quilted, puffed confines into much more tailored territory.
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30 geese saved
Each Kapok Down jacket uses plant-based insulation instead of the feathers of approximately 30 geese.
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260kg of CO2
Approximately 260kg of C02 was removed in the past year. This amount is equivalent to approximately 65,000 2L plastic bottles.
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Climate Control
On an individual level, Kapok Down helps regulate your body temperature using its own natural fiber design. Kapok fibers’ empty cavities absorb moisture away from the body and generate heat when temperatures drop. When the temperatures rise, those same hollow cores release moisture to cool you back down. It’s simple and efficient, making it possible to design tailored jackets that deliver the same warmth as bulkier goose-down.
On a planet level, Kapok Down fights climate change by using environmentally friendly materials and demonstrating that curiosity and creative thinking can uncover competitive, functional eco-solutions.
As Warm as Goose Down
—but better for animals & the planet
In a study comparing synthetic polyester, Kapok Down, and goose down in high-humidity environments, kapok matched goose down’s heat-generating ability, both raising temps 6.6%.