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About the production process


Farm to Fashion

Farm to Fashion

We advocate "Farm to Fashion" and value the process from procurement of raw materials to delivery to your hands.

Rather than the conventional division of labor in the apparel industry, where subcontracting and subcontracting are customary, Kapok Knot has built its own supply chain. We promise not to make choices based solely on short-term costs, but to make choices that will bring happiness to the people involved in the long-term.


Cotton is extracted from kapok fruit at a kapok factory in Indonesia and then exported.


At a sewing factory in Aomori, products are carefully sewn into coats.

From Indonesia's kapok farms and kapok research facilities, to the development of kapok sheets, product design, and sewing factories. We understand who is thinking, how they are involved, and how they are involved in creating the product, and we deliver it to our customers with our own hands.
By doing so, we will be able to provide products at low prices without imposing an undue burden on anyone.


Women in colorful costumes working in a factory near a kapok plantation


Fukai, the founder of Kapok Knot, planted kapok trees at the farm using a portion of the profits from 2019.


Kapok piled high


Separated into seeds and cotton, kapok is so fluffy you'll want to lie down on it.


Kapok is made into sheets at a factory in China and sent to Japan. This is the secret to the warmth of kapok knot coats


At our sewing factory in Aomori, our employees carefully create each garment one by one.


At the sewing factory, employees carefully create each garment one by one. Unlike the division of labor that is practiced in many factories, at this sewing factory students learn to complete the entire process by themselves, called ``circle stitching,'' and are considered to be full-fledged individuals for the first time. about-process-11

The coat is complete! All that's left is to get it to everyone.


The coats will be delivered to you from here.

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