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Kishow Fukai, Founder of KAPOK KNOT
Kapok Knot founder Kishow Fukai’s family has been in the apparel business for four generations. He grew up a witness to the waste and environmental damage the conventional apparel industry propagated. He was determined to do things differently.
After graduating from university, Kishow worked at a Japanese fiber manufacturer and dreamed of being able to connect consumers, craftspeople, and the earth through responsibly manufactured clothing.
In late 2018, he discovered kapok. Convinced this material could be a transformative solution — for people in need of stylish and functional clothing, workers who needed meaningful work and fair pay, and an industry in need of environmentally friendly materials — he founded Kapok Knot.
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We strive for sustainability in our materials and practices, and we contribute 1% of our sales to environmental efforts.
Farm to Fashion
We know exactly where our clothing comes from, from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. We treat everyone in that chain with respect and dignity.
Form & Function
Kapok Down’s slender sheeting allows for new design possibilities, combining fashion-forward styles with performance warmth.