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Article: “KNOT a DAY” sports event and sustainability

“KNOT a DAY” sports event and sustainability

A big sports event is scheduled to be held in Tokyo soon. Although there is a lot of talk about infection control, etc., the preparations and operation of the tournament are actually being carried out with due consideration to sustainability for the future.

Therefore, this time we will introduce the initiatives being carried out from the perspective of "sporting events and sustainability" and what each of us can do.

~Contents of this article~

・Sustainable initiatives for the Tokyo Games
・Sports team x sustainable
・Sports brand x sustainable
・Sports we can do x sustainable

Sustainable initiatives for the Tokyo Games

Preparations and operations are underway for the Tokyo Games, with the aim of contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations and serving as a model for future games and problem-solving both domestically and internationally. So, what specific measures are being taken?

■Use of renewable energy
100% renewable energy will be used to power the competition venues, Olympic Village, International Broadcasting Center, and Main Press Center.
→Contributing to the introduction and expansion of renewable energy equipment

■Use of low-pollution and fuel-efficient vehicles
Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), such as fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and electric vehicles (EVs) that emit no exhaust gas, will be used as much as possible to transport people involved in the tournament.
→Reducing environmental impact and contributing to the realization of a hydrogen society

■Making medals using urban mines
Approximately 5,000 used small home appliances will be collected to create medals.
→ Contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society by utilizing the hidden metals in cities, “urban mines”

■Building a podium using waste plastic
Collect plastic from your home and make a podium.
→ Disseminating models for the use of single-use plastics domestically and internationally

■Utilization and reuse of domestic timber
The Olympic Village facilities were constructed using lumber borrowed from 63 local governments. After the tournament, they will be reused in various locations.
→Contributing to forestry regeneration and forest conservation by reusing domestic timber

In this way, we are implementing sustainable initiatives not only during the tournament period, but also from the preparation stage to after the tournament.

Sports team x sustainable

Sustainability considerations in the sports world aren't just for quadrennial events. From here, I would like to introduce the sustainable initiatives that professional sports teams are undertaking.

■Forest Green Rovers (England/Soccer)

A soccer club with a history of over 100 years. They belong to the National League, which is actually the 5th division in England, and although their soccer skills are not outstanding, they are attracting attention as the ``world's most eco-friendly soccer club (*)''.

 <What we are working on>
・All electricity and gas used in the stadium are green energy
・The hand washing soap installed in the restroom is an organic product.
・Food served at the stadium and meals for players are vegan.
・50% of the plastic used in uniform production is replaced with bamboo

*In recognition of these efforts, in 2018 we were certified by the United Nations as a "carbon neutral sports club." FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) has rated them as the "greenest soccer team in the world."

■Yokohama DeNA BayStars (Japan/Baseball)

The BayStars, who are based in Yokohama, are promoting the ``Yokohama Sports Town Plan.'' A variety of initiatives are being undertaken based on the desire to contribute to the community through the power of sports.

 For example, &9 is a restaurant and beer bar in a complex operated by Baystars. The handle of the beer server is made from a broken bat used by a player in a game.

 Also, the "Bay Tuna Plate" that was scheduled to be served at the stadium last year. Since the opening of the professional baseball game was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus, we donated the 1,100 plates that we had already prepared to the Yokohama City Social Welfare Council and the NPO Food Bank Yokohama. By delivering food assistance to people in need, we prevented food loss.

Sports brand x sustainable

When playing sports, the clothes and items you wear are essential. Next, we will introduce the initiatives of sports brands that are of interest to fashion brand KAPOK KNOT.

■Nike “Move to Zero”

※The image is an image.

In order to protect the global environment and the future of sports, we are working towards the goal of reducing carbon and waste emissions from the production process to zero.

・The soles of Nike Air shoes designed after 2008 use 100% renewable energy in the manufacturing process. More than half of the materials used are recycled manufacturing waste.

・"Nike Flyknit (shoes)" reduces waste by 60% compared to conventional products by creating the upper part of the shoe at the design stage. During the manufacturing stage, more than 600 million plastic bottles were recycled.


※The image is an image.

Recyclable running shoes released by Adidas in spring 2019. These shoes are made from a single material, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), without the use of adhesives.

Even if these shoes are worn out, they can be 100% reused as raw materials for new shoes by cutting them up and melting them down. In fact, all of the 200 pairs distributed as samples to runners and journalists have been turned into new shoes.

The product will be rolled out on a trial basis until the end of 2020, with the aim of general release from 2021.

Sports we can do x sustainable

So far, we have introduced initiatives taken by sports teams and brands. So, what are the sports and sustainable initiatives that each of us can do? KAPOK KNOT thought about it!

■Participate in sustainable initiatives undertaken by professional sports teams

In addition to the two sports teams introduced here, there are many other teams that are engaged in sustainable activities. For example, we collect plastic bottle caps at the venue and donate the collected amount to children suffering from poverty, and we pick up trash as part of fan events. Be sure to check out the sports teams near you!


■Use environmentally friendly items

Among the sports items that are made with consideration for the global environment, there are many items that are not only sustainable but also highly functional.

By the way, the "Air Light Jacket" released by KAPOK KNOT last year has excellent water resistance, making it perfect for sports and outdoor activities!

* KAPOK KNOT “Air Light Jacket”


As introduced this time, the sports industry is very active in activities with an awareness of sustainability. If you are wondering, "What can I do?" as words such as SDGs are attracting attention, why not try starting a new initiative through sports?

First of all, it's a sports event that starts once every four years. Please think about what you can do while supporting the athletes' success!