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Article: Why I am involved with KAPOK KNOT

Why I am involved with KAPOK KNOT

My name is Kotaro Soma.

I want people to know more about KAPOK KNOT's values ​​through my blog, so I'm writing this memorable first installment of Nakanoto's blog. I would like to briefly tell my story in order to convey the kind of people and thoughts behind KAPOK KNOT's activities, so I would appreciate it if you could join me for a little while.


I'm 27 years old, born in 1993, and I usually work in marketing at an IT company in Tokyo. I originally worked as a marketer for my own company's services, but now I'm in a position to support marketing for clients. My area of ​​expertise is digital marketing, so at KAPOK KNOT I am also in charge of SNS operations and digital advertising.

Also, other Regarding things related to KAPOK KNOT , I'm a vegetarian. It's originally the influence of my family and life overseas, so it's not a religious or special ideological background, but it's still quite rare in Japan. KAPOK KNOT makes products using animal-free materials called "vegan down," and that's something that I feel very close to and one of the reasons I want to help.

[Encounter with KAPOK KNOT]

We first met Kito Fukai, the founder and representative, when he was a senior in university. The trigger was when I saw a Facebook post when we launched KAPOK KNOT and started crowdfunding.

Since I am currently working full time, Work at KAPOK KNOT is treated as a so-called "side job." Why do I do it as a side job even though I have a main job? There are two main reasons why I am involved in KAPOK KNOT 's activities: ``I love clothes'' and ``I empathize with the vision.''

①I like clothes

The first reason is simply because I love clothes.
When I was a student, I was a vintage clothing enthusiast, and even after becoming a member of society, I joined a community to learn about the textile industry, and I continued to search for ways to connect with clothing in my own way.

②Sympathy for the vision

This is the biggest reason, but another reason is "sympathy with the vision." It has been several years since I started working at a large company in the big city of Tokyo, and as I became more committed to my job, I inevitably found myself overwhelmed with daily work. As my busy days continued for a while, I gradually came to realize that how much value I felt in what I was doing had a big impact on how hard I could push myself. And I started thinking about using my resources for things that I thought were valuable.

That's why, in the field of apparel, which is the second most polluting industry after the oil industry, we use Kapok, an animal-free plant material, to make clothes in a sustainable way. When I learned about the brand KAPOK KNOT , I thought it had great value and honestly wanted to support it. And if there was anything I could do to help with my abilities, I would definitely like to help.
As I was thinking about this, I came across the aforementioned Facebook post, and thought, "This is...!" lol

[What we want to achieve through KAPOK KNOT]

From that background I have started helping out with KAPOK KNOT 's activities, and as someone who is currently involved in KAPOK KNOT , I sometimes wish that things like this could come true.
In this era, I think everyone is expected to contribute to a sustainable society with some kind of idea, with SDGs at the forefront.

In such an era, By spreading KAPOK KNOT products, KAPOK KNOT 's sense of challenges and I hope that people will learn about KAPOK KNOT 's approach as an ``option'' and that it will serve as an opportunity for everyone to think about the future of society.

KAPOK KNOT itself still has a lot of issues to solve, and I think it is a brand that is expected to improve even more in the future.However, I still believe that if we are rooted in our firm values, create great products, and spread them properly, If we can do this, we will be able to share our stance and values ​​as a brand with society, and I believe that this has more value than the functional value that the product actually provides. Masu.

That's why, through my area of ​​responsibility such as SNS, I make sure to not only provide information about the product, but also the thoughts and background behind the creation of the product, as well as the values ​​it holds as a brand. I hope I can tell you!

It's a bit long, but what is my reason? I was involved in the activities of KAPOK KNOT and introduced what I am thinking about when working on it. So that we can continue to deliver it to everyone, We will continue to disseminate KAPOK KNOT 's thoughts and information, so please continue to support us!