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Article: <Good Partner Day Interview Project> A borderless world created by combining different perspectives [Makoto Tanijiri and Hiroshi Doiji]

<Good Partner Day Interview Project> A borderless world created by combining different perspectives [Makoto Tanijiri and Hiroshi Doiji]

KAPOK KNOT is a brand that proposes a "heart-warming lifestyle" in modern times. Who you spend your time with is important for living a happy life. Nowadays, diversity has come to be seen as ``richness,'' and the nature of partners has also changed. We started this interview project to update the anniversary of November 22nd, ``Good Couple Day,'' to November 8th, ``Good Partner Day.''


In this third installment, we will be introducing the two co-founders, Makoto Tanijiri and Hiroshi Doiji. In 2020, three people, including Mr. Tanijiri, an architect, and Mr. Doichi, who serves as Executive Officer and Communication Director of BEAMS and President and Representative Director of B.A.T., established "Outside Directors Co., Ltd." As an outside director, I have opened an online salon and am developing a production business for companies and services. We asked them about their relationship as business partners, focusing on the background and philosophy behind starting the company.


*This article introduces excerpts from the Instagram LIVE held on November 18th (Thursday) about topics related to "relationships with partners."

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A new form of company created by an architect and communication director


Fukai : Today, I would like to ask both of you in detail about the new partnership that transcends the boundaries of your company and creates a separate company. First of all, please introduce yourself.

Tanijiri : My name is Tanijiri and I am an architect. Lately, I've been going fishing and camping a lot, and my specialty is architecture, not my profession (lol). I have a desire to create architecture in nature, and for that purpose I want to spend more time in nature. With this in mind, over the past few years I have switched to spending as much time as possible in nature.

Doiji : While I'm at BEAMS, I'm currently serving as the representative of a company called B@T, which is an offshoot of BEAMS, and serving as an outside director with Mr. Tanijiri. I think there are many people who want to try something new during the coronavirus pandemic, but I want to make the world more interesting from various angles.

Fukai : Since you both have different occupations and work at different companies, how did the concept of being an outside director come about, transcending company boundaries?

Tanijiri : Even before we started the company, we had talked about what it would be like to do something together, and we had talked about the name of the company first.

Doiji : It's a company run by three people: Tanijiri-kun, myself, and one other partner, but rather than each having an equity stake, we all work from the perspective of editors. I think there's great value in being able to see the same thing from a different perspective without being tied down by your profession. Maybe it can do something good for society or simply create a fun experience. Therefore, there was no specific form of business. All three of us had different ideas and things we wanted to do, so we blended them well.

Chemical reactions that occur when looking at the same thing from different perspectives

Tanijiri : The company name ``Outside Directors'' embodies the idea that ``I will be involved as an ``outsider'' in order to achieve things that are normally not possible in each company, or methods that are not possible within each company.'' For example, even in the case of consulting for a single company, the company's logo is in the color of vermilion because the final approval comes from outside the company. I am running this company with the intention of only taking on work that allows me to take on that level of responsibility and commit to the business.

Fukai : There isn't a specific package, but each company offers different services, right?

Tanijiri : It may be created from business, or it may be created from branding and PR. We are a company that works together as a team to complete each project.

Doiji : I think there are similarities with the KAPOK KNOT products (*), which were created in collaboration with Mr. and Mrs. Tanijiri. Designers don't just design clothes, architects look at clothes, and that's why they come up with items that can be conceived from the perspective of materials.

There is a saying that ``distant keywords become valuable when they come closer.'' Changing the subject a bit, in the past, musicians followed a single path: from indies, to sending tapes to record companies, debuting, and appearing on big singing shows. But now, with TikTok and YouTube, methods of expression are freer, and value can be created in many different places. I believe that the ideas that emerge when you look at the same thing from a different perspective, rather than just looking straight at it, are more relevant to the times.

*A collaboration product created with architect/entrepreneur Makoto Tanijiri and chef/HITOTEMA owner Naoko Tanijiri. Pre-orders are now being accepted on the brand's official website.

Fukai : Not chasing one track is also the theme of the KAPOK KNOT brand. Along with economic growth, a trend toward mass production and mass disposal emerged, and apparel around the world was also riding on this trend. However, not all people seek the same wealth these days, so I would like to aim for a world where it would be nice to have many options. That's why we celebrate Good Partner Day with the intention of creating a society that recognizes a variety of partnerships, rather than just one idea of ​​``Good Couple Day.''

All things are more interesting when they are mixed in a borderless manner.

Fukai : Mr. Tanijiri, I think you like the outdoors, but what do you think about the way you choose the things you use?

Tanijiri : If you choose things based on their functionality, there will come a time when you won't use them. I think I'd rather have something that can be used borderlessly. The world is telling us, ``Don't mix, it's dangerous.'' It's easier to organize things if you separate them into "this is for this one," but it's more interesting to have things mixed together. We just choose things that are segmented somehow, but we should be able to change the shape of things more borderlessly depending on time and how we use them.


Fukai : That's a philosophy that also applies to "outside directors." Although there is one axis, it is not clearly cut out, and the efforts will be expanded in a borderless manner.

Tanijiri : When thinking about something, I often quote different things. Recently, as an outside director, I released a 10,000 yen cheesecake called ``One Pair.'' 10,000 yen for a cheesecake might seem expensive, but apparel also ranges from cheap items like fast fashion to expensive items like HERMES. I created it with the idea that ``If that's the case, wouldn't it be nice to have a cheesecake called HERMES?'' Rather than making things ridiculously cheap or releasing them quickly, I would like to offer products with the concept of using the right ingredients and making them with care, so that only people who think the products are really good will buy them.

Doichi : The process of an architect making clothes or cheesecake is a product that combines the individual values ​​of many different people. I believe that this will become the value of Tokyo and Japan, and will eventually be transmitted to the world.

・Makoto Tanijiri (Architect/Entrepreneur)


Established architectural design office SUPPOSE DESIGN OFFICE in 2000. He has worked on numerous projects both domestically and internationally, from interior design to housing and complex facilities. We propose the ideal state of nature and architecture, and the relationship between nature and humans, and work by bridging business and design.

・Hiroshi Doiji (Communication Director)


Worked in group PR work for over 20 years at BEAMS. Currently serving as Global Alliance Manager, he also serves as President and Representative Director of B-AT Co., Ltd. His activities range widely, including radio personality, part-time university lecturer, and host.

* *


When you work in one company or profession, it becomes natural to see things from the same perspective. However, because there are people in the world with different ideas, it is important to have a multifaceted perspective. The story of two people who share this idea and do business together has some similarities to the concept of KAPOK KNOT, and it was a conversation with deep empathy.


A series of interviews with KAPOK KNOT on November 8th (Good Partner Day). Next time, we'll take a closer look at the relationship between a grandfather and his grandson as they both take on the challenge of business using pearls. Please look forward to it.


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