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Article: <Good Partner Day/Interview Project> Believe in each other. Understand each other. Therefore, a good relationship is born [Kaico-san/Hato-san]

<Good Partner Day/Interview Project> Believe in each other. Understand each other. Therefore, a good relationship is born [Kaico-san/Hato-san]

KAPOK KNOT is a brand that proposes a "heart-warming lifestyle" in modern times. Who you spend your time with is important for living a happy life. Nowadays, diversity has come to be seen as ``richness,'' and the nature of partners has also changed. We started this interview project to update the anniversary of November 22nd, ``Good Couple Day,'' to November 8th, ``Good Partner Day.''

In this second installment, we are introducing former actress Kaico and photographer Hato. We asked the couple, who enjoy an unpretentious, natural lifestyle with the keyword "trust" in each other, about their "heart-warming partner."

The interviewer is Kito Fukai, representative of KAPOK KNOT.

What are you thinking and feeling? Get closer by talking.

Fukai : The first time we met was on the pre-opening day of the Nihonbashi showroom in Tokyo (October 15, 2021). I think they are a couple with a great sense of ``mutual respect,'' so I would like to ask them about their idea of ​​``heart-warming partners.'' First of all, please tell us about the two of you.

kaico : I first met Hato when I was an actress. We started dating and have been married for 11 years. We've been together for quite a while now, but we've always been good friends!

hato : In addition to my main job as a photographer, I also do a wide range of other things, including renovation and car interiors. Kaico and I worked in the fields and also rescued dogs and cats.

Fukai : They are a really close couple. On your You Tube channel, the two of you say that you "talk very well and don't fight."


hato : Even if we have a slight disagreement, we discuss it properly and don't let it drag on. We value the stance of moving forward with each other.

Fukai : I think it's because the two of you respect each other, so please tell us what you respect about each other.

kaico : When Hato does something, he doesn't just think ``it can't be done,'' but rather thoroughly researches ``how it can be done.'' Even if it takes a long time, I will definitely get it done, and there is no attempt that I couldn't try before. I'm not that patient, so every day I think, "Wow, that's amazing."

hato : On the contrary, I find kaico's switching speed amazing. I'm always in a good mood. I can really respect that. Even if she gets a little grumpy, she'll be in a good mood within a few minutes. I'm the type of person who draws on my emotions, so I'd like to emulate him.

Fukai : Is kaico's speed of switching the same for everyone?

kaico : Basically, yes. However, if, for example, something that I value is said badly about me, or if I am denied without trying to understand it, it may take me a while to sort out my feelings.

hato : Between the two of us, there's never been anything that serious. On a daily basis, we often have conversations about what we're thinking and what we've noticed, so we're always able to share our feelings and share opinions. That's why we hardly ever get into arguments or have different ways of thinking.

kaico : It won't turn into something dramatic like "Don't even know what I mean!" (lol).

I can feel at ease because we believe in each other.


Fukai : What is essential for each other to be "heart-warming partners"?

hato : I think it's a "feeling of security." However, I don't think it's as easy as saying it in one word. Because of the accumulation of various things, I feel that the other person is safe, and I think that we can make each other feel that way.

kaico : I think it's important not only to have a sense of security, but also to have true faith. It's like, ``I really believe in you, and I also believe in myself.'' I think the reason why I feel so happy that we can be together as a couple is because I believe in Hato from the bottom of my heart. I trust him, so I want him to try anything and everything, and I want him to trust me when I achieve what I want.

hato : Even if Kaico wants to try something I don't know about, I trust her so I can encourage her and tell her to give it a try.

There is someone who says "It's okay"

Fukai : The two of you trust each other that much, but was there ever a time when you realized, ``This is the person after all!''?

kaico : As soon as we met, I felt that I could bring out my true self with this person. At that time, I was in the entertainment industry and it was a very difficult time for me mentally...Hato was someone I could rely on because he was able to accept everything with a firm attitude, and he said, ``It's really easy to be with him without pushing myself too hard.'' I felt relieved.

hato : Having said that, I also felt that Kaico-san at the time had a strong core. I was still young, so I was definitely a little nervous (lol). However, this was the first time I met someone that made me think, ``I want to see this person up close in the future.''

kaico : When I met Hato, I realized that having a good relationship makes you feel better both mentally and physically, and allows you to think brightly about the future. Even though my diet was not successful at all, after I started dating Hato, I started losing weight in a healthy way without having to do anything (lol). I was also grateful for the fact that while he always followed me up when I was working hard, he didn't interfere in my work.

hato : I knew that the agency valued Kaico as much as she did, so I thought they wouldn't let her do dangerous work. So I said, ``I know you'll be fine, so just keep trying.''


kaico : Because he said that, I was able to feel free to report things like, ``I did something like this today at work'' or ``This happened.'' Since then, hato has been a spiritual source for me.

Fukai : So your experience at that time became the foundation of your relationship of "mutual trust"? Do you have any plans for the future of the two of you?

kaico : I think we'll end up in a future where we're forced to do all the things we want to do together (lol). Mr. Hato renovated the building and created a photo studio with a nice garden because he is good at growing plants...I also want to open a cafe, and I like clothes and natural fibers, so I gathered things that I think are good. I also want to open a store. I wish we could create a place like that that we feel is ``good.''

hato : The two of us try different things every year. You can do anything if you put your mind to it! I told you about my dreams (lol).


Kaico, a former actress, and Hato, a photographer, are a married couple.
He shares information about country life, DIY, VanLife, simple vegan cooking, and daily life as a couple on Instagram "@kai_asami.inuto_watashi" and YouTube channel "kaico & hato couple."
He is also passionate about animal protection activities.
I love clothes made from natural materials.

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What surprised me as I listened to their stories was the amount of conversation between the two of them. When you've been together for a long time, you tend to think that things can be communicated without talking, but by talking every day, the two of you are building a deeper relationship of trust. I felt that this trust created a sense of security and led to an ongoing "heart-warming relationship."

A series of interviews with KAPOK KNOT on November 8th (Good Partner Day). Next time, we will ask the two people who have jointly started a business about the ``comfortable relationship between business partners.'' Please look forward to it.

Interview: Kito Fukai (KAPOK KNOT representative)
Written by: Maiko Kasai
Editing: Hoshiyuki, Kaoruko Uchida

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