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Article: “KNOT a DAY” Power Shift ~Incorporating renewable energy into daily life~

“KNOT a DAY” Power Shift ~Incorporating renewable energy into daily life~

The hot summer has arrived again this year.

Extremely hot days continue across the country, and Hokkaido has recorded the highest temperature ever recorded, so much so that it is said to be a once-in-a-century heat wave. It seems like the term "global warming" is becoming more and more familiar each year.

The cause of this global warming is greenhouse gases. Among human activities, the one that emits the most greenhouse gases is the generation of electricity.

This time, I would like to introduce the word "power shift" that will change the way electricity is used, and think about what each of us can do to combat global warming.

~Contents of this article~

・What is “power shift”?
・Definition and types of renewable energy
・How to incorporate renewable energy
・Brands that incorporate renewable energy

What is “power shift”?


"Power shift" refers to changing the way electricity is used, with the aim of creating a sustainable energy society centered on natural energy.

Thermal power generation, currently the mainstream method of power generation, has the problem of emitting carbon dioxide. Additionally, the fuel used (fossil fuels such as oil, coal, and natural gas) is a limited resource, so this method of power generation cannot be called sustainable.

These days, the basic policy on global warming countermeasures has been updated from the Kyoto Protocol established in 1997 to the Paris Agreement concluded in 2017, and there is a movement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions worldwide. In Japan, in October 2020, Prime Minister Suga declared ``2050 carbon neutrality (reducing carbon dioxide emissions to virtually zero),'' and the movement toward decarbonization is rapidly accelerating.

In particular, there is an urgent need for decarbonization in the energy supply sector, which accounts for over 40% of Japan's carbon dioxide emissions. What is needed is to change conventional energy to renewable energy (renewable energy).

Now, I would like to introduce specifically what kind of energy there is.

Definition and types of renewable energy


First, I would like to clarify the differences between the terms "renewable energy" and "natural energy," which are often confused. Both are energy alternatives to fossil fuels, but while "renewable energy" refers to reusable energy in general, "natural energy" refers to energy obtained from natural phenomena ( solar, wind, hydropower).・It is a word that refers to geothermal heat .

Biomass energy is a type of renewable energy generated from sources other than natural phenomena. "Biomass" is a general term for biological resources produced from plants and animals, and "biomass energy" is produced by directly burning or gasifying these resources.

Most of the biological resources utilized are materials that were previously treated as waste, such as food scraps, waste materials, and livestock excrement. By utilizing discarded items as resources, we greatly contribute to improving the global environment.

By incorporating "renewable energy" into your daily life, you too can protect the global environment. Next, I would like to introduce how to incorporate it.

How to incorporate renewable energy


What each of us can do to increase the proportion of renewable energy through our actions. It means switching your home's electricity to renewable energy.

With the ``full liberalization of electricity retail'' that began in 2016, even ordinary households can now choose their electricity provider. It is possible to choose energy from local or private power companies that aim to supply renewable energy, rather than from major power companies that use existing power generation methods. Actually, power shift also has the meaning of power shift.

<Power companies aiming to supply renewable energy>

◯Municipal electric power organization
An electric power company run by an organization established by local governments to promote local production and consumption of electricity (currently some parts have been delegated to private companies).

◯Local private power company
A private electric power company established to improve energy consumption efficiency and save energy in the region.

◯Co-op-affiliated power company
An electric power company operated by a consumer cooperative that supplies electricity primarily to its members.

◯Cross-regional renewable energy business
An electric power company that supplies renewable energy power over a wide range of areas.

*Please check the power companies available in your area below.


Here, we would like to answer some frequently asked questions when considering a power switch.

Q.Will the quality of electricity be lower than that of major power companies?

A.It won't go down! After electricity is produced at power plants, it reaches us through the power transmission and distribution department, which manages power transmission and distribution networks such as power transmission lines and distribution lines that connect to consumers. Currently, only the "power plant" part is free to enter, and the "power transmission and distribution sector", which is responsible for quality and stable supply, is handled by some companies approved by the government. Even if you buy one, the quality and reliability of the electricity will not change.

Q.Isn't it expensive to introduce renewable energy?

A.It depends on the provider, but depending on the plan, it may be cheaper than traditional electricity rates! Currently, renewable energy generation costs more than conventional power generation methods, but the cost to cover this cost is collected from everyone who uses electricity as a levy to promote renewable energy generation (renewable energy levy). Therefore, only those who have adopted renewable energy do not have to pay high electricity bills.

Brands that incorporate renewable energy

If you still don't have the courage to introduce renewable energy into your home, one way is to buy products from companies that incorporate renewable energy into their offices, stores, factories, etc. and support them.

We would like to introduce companies that are taking the initiative to incorporate renewable energy.

■Patagonia Japan branch


(Source: )


Declaring that the entire business, including the supply chain, will be carbon neutral by 2025.
From June 2018, we will open 10 directly managed stores (Sapporo North, Outlet Sapporo South, Sendai, Surf Chiba/Outlet, Outlet Mejiro, Shibuya, Kanda, Futakotamagawa, Hakuba, Kobe) and two staff rooms adjacent to the directly managed stores. and started using renewable energy electricity in the office.
From April 2019, we switched to solar energy called "solar sharing" to power our largest directly managed store in Japan, "Patagonia Tokyo Shibuya Store."

■Rush Japan LLC


(Source: )

We are working to ensure that as much of the electricity we use throughout our supply chain as possible comes from renewable energy sources. As of July 2021, we have changed the electricity used at our main factory and three large-scale stores in Japan (Ikebukuro Ekimae store, Shizuoka store, Hiroshima Hondori store) to 100% renewable energy.

*We at KAPOK KNOT are also aiming for 100% renewable energy in our factories and offices by 2025.



I hope you now understand the importance of "power shift." During the summer, electricity consumption increases.

The behavior of people who think, ``Maybe I used the cooler too much,'' is making the earth even hotter.

What each individual can do to enjoy a comfortable summer in the future. Please think about "everyday life that incorporates renewable energy"!