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Article: “KNOT a DAY” Learn about SDGs initiatives <September 17th to 26th is SDGs Week>

“KNOT a DAY” Learn about SDGs initiatives <September 17th to 26th is SDGs Week>

As the word SDGs becomes more and more popular, many people may not know how it relates to them or what actions they should take.

Good news for such people! Every year in late September, there is a period called SDGs Week, where events are held around the world to raise awareness of the SDGs and take the first steps towards action.

I hope you will use this September as an opportunity to deepen your understanding of the SDGs and start taking action. With this in mind, we would like to give you an overview of SDGs Week and a preview of the events that will be held in 2021!

【table of contents】
・What is SDGs Week?
・Events held in the past
・[Attention] Event schedule for 2021

What is SDGs Week?


SDGs Week started in 2016. This movement was started to raise awareness of the SDGs established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 and create an opportunity for action. It is held every year in late September, including September 25th, the day the SDGs were established, and in 2021 it will be held from September 17th to September 26th.

SDGs Week is led by organizations such as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Foundation (UNF), and Project Everyone (an organization that works to achieve the SDGs, founded by world-famous screenwriter Richard Curtis). It is called "Global Goals Week". In the first year, there were only 12 participating organizations, but recognition gradually increased, and by 2020 it had become a big movement involving over 100 companies, United Nations organizations, and media such as television.

Events held in the past

■Social Good Summit 2018 ~The future spun by inspiration~

Social Good Summit

A discussion-style event held to promote the use of technology to solve social issues. Sponsored by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and 100BANCH (an organization created by Panasonic, Loftwork, and Café Company that carries out experimental projects that will lead to the "next 100 years"), the event will feature people working to solve social issues as guests. As we welcomed the event, it became a place to generate new ideas for 2030.

<Program (partial excerpt)>

◯Achieving basic dietary needs with “aquaponics”
∟About the ``Aquaponics'' project, a new form of agriculture that combines aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (agriculture that uses water without using soil) to grow fish and plants in the same environment.

◯Let's protect the richness of the ocean from plastic waste
∟ Efforts of "Pirika Co., Ltd./Pirika General Incorporated Association" that aims to solve the garbage problem through the world's largest garbage collection SNS and a littering distribution survey service using artificial intelligence.


■Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2020


A two-day design workshop that challenges the achievement of SDGs and solving social issues. This is a participatory event that focuses on three of the 17 SDGs and uses design thinking methods to give form to ideas for solving social issues.

The three themes chosen for 2020 are "3. Health and Well-being," "12. Responsible Consumption and Production," and "16. Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions." The workshop was held not only in Tokyo but also in 90 cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Amman, Bangkok, and Rio de Janeiro, and was a lively workshop with discussions with participants from all over the world.


[Attention] Event schedule for 2021

So, what kind of events will be held during SDGs Week in 2021? We would like to pick up and introduce the events that KAPOK KNOT is paying attention to!

■“HAPPY EARTH FESTA 2021”/September 18th (Sat) – 25th (Sat)


One of Japan's largest SDGs festivals will be held in a hybrid format of real and online, based in Okinawa, in conjunction with SDGs Week. Under the theme of "SDGs that I can do too - let's co-create a happy future", various events will be held to help people learn about SDGs and take action.

<Highly recommended events during the period>

◯Talk & Fashion Show/HAPPY EARTH SUSTAINABLE COLLECTION <September 20th (Monday) 13:00-16:00 (scheduled)>

An event where guests who are taking on the challenge of protecting the earth in the apparel and fashion industry will talk about their latest efforts. We will hear from top runners in the industry about issues such as mass production and mass disposal of apparel, which KAPOK KNOT is also tackling.

Guests: Marie (Talent Designer), Tatsuhiko Seki (FRaU Editor-in-Chief and Producer), Shinji Owatari (Representative Director of BAGASSE UPCYCLE Co., Ltd.)

◯Seminar/SDGs that I can do too ~ Corporate initiatives and what we can do ~ <September 21st (Tuesday) 13:00-14:30 (scheduled)>

“HAPPY EARTH FESTA 2021” is sponsored by many companies close to us. During the period, there will be seminars where representatives from various companies will be on stage, and this event is one of them. This event provides an opportunity for each individual to think about what they can do based on examples of what companies are doing.

Guests: Mr. Takanori Sato (Manager, Materials Development Division, ITO EN Co., Ltd.), Mr. Kazuru Hanamoto (Manager, Sustainability Promotion Office, Public Relations Department, Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.), Mr. Kaoru Miyake ( Manager, Environmental and Social Contribution, Aeon Co., Ltd.)

*Event information:

■“SDGs Dissemination Strategy”/August 24th (Tuesday) – September 25th (Saturday)


A hashtag movement for SDGs Week launched by the social media platform "RICE" (*). During the event, we will be soliciting submissions related to the SDGs using the hashtag "#SDGs Dissemination Strategy," with the aim of supporting the achievement of the SDGs through dissemination.

<Posted content>

① Dissemination of news and information to learn about SDGs

②Wisdom and ideas for incorporating SDGs into daily life

③Your actions regarding SDGs

We will award 10 outstanding contributors from among the messages submitted during the period! In addition, the top three winners will receive a shopping ticket to Enter the E, a select shop that only sells ethical brands and environmentally friendly clothing from around the world.

*RICE PEOPLE, operated by RICE, is a community that changes society through social media. When a community participant sends information about a social initiative, the number of followers x 0.1 yen will be donated. This time's ``SDGs Dissemination Strategy'' is a project that allows a wide range of participants other than ``RICE PEOPLE'' participants to participate.

■“Global Goals Jam Tokyo 2021”/September 18th (Sat) – September 19th (Sun) <Advance reservation required>


“Global Goals Jam Tokyo”, which we introduced earlier, will be held again in 2021! This year's theme is "Regenerative Cities." We will design answers to the following questions for Tokyo, the world's largest city.

◯How can we make our relationship with nature healthier and more sustainable in cities?

◯How can we build urban systems and community circulation?

◯How can we design cities as ecosystems, making them not only sustainable but also contributing to a thriving planet?

We will focus on the three goals of the SDGs: ``11. Creating sustainable cities,'' ``12. Responsible production and consumption,'' and ``13. Taking concrete measures to combat climate change,'' and come up with ideas to achieve them.

*Event information:



Most of the events introduced here are held online. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use your time at home to experience cutting-edge initiatives aimed at achieving the SDGs!

Why not take this opportunity to deepen your understanding of the SDGs and think about what you can do towards 2030?