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Article: Vegan fashion | Sustainable apparel that’s trending

Vegan fashion | Sustainable apparel that’s trending

Nowadays, the idea and lifestyle of ``vegan'' is becoming widespread, and it's not just about eating habits. The number of brands that are conscious of veganism is increasing, from fashion to cosmetics.

So, this time we will introduce vegan fashion. Check out the details, from benefits to recommended brands.

~Contents of this article~

◯What is vegan fashion (apparel)?
◯Benefits of vegan fashion
◯Vegan fashion materials
◯Vegan fashion and cold weather measures
◯5 recommended vegan fashion brands
◯Kapok knot and vegan fashion

What is vegan fashion (apparel)?

To begin with, vegan fashion refers to fashion that does not use animal-derived materials such as fur, leather, or feathers, but instead uses plant-derived materials such as cotton. The down, belts, and bags that we use on a daily basis are often made at the expense of animals. Vegan fashion can help protect these animals. We also take into consideration the global environment and ethical considerations for our workers.

Benefits of vegan fashion


Vegan fashion has the role of helping people reconsider their lives based on the spirit of animal welfare and environmental protection, without turning a blind eye to the various real-world issues facing the planet.

① Vegan fashion x animal rights

At the end of May this year, the world's largest animal protection organization, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), conducted an undercover investigation. We filmed what appears to be an abusive shearing method at an alpaca farm in Peru and shared the footage with the world. In the video, the alpacas are shown fighting unbearable pain as their ears and necks are grabbed and their hair is sheared under excessive stress, such as being slammed on a table. In response to the cruelty, H&M and GAP have stopped doing business with the alpaca farms in question, and Uniqlo has announced that it will no longer use alpaca materials in its products. In this way, there is currently a growing movement in the fashion industry to use animal-friendly materials. In particular, vegan fashion protects the rights and lives of animals by not using animal-derived materials.


②Vegan fashion x environmental conservation

In the fashion industry, polluted water, greenhouse gas emissions, and large amounts of waste generated during manufacturing processes are said to have a negative impact on the global environment. For example, when making leather products, chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium that are harmful to the human body are often used. There are cases in which the groundwater in such factories has become contaminated with chemicals, causing health damage to the people who use it for daily life. By using environmentally friendly plant-based products, we can protect both the earth and people from the effects of harmful substances.

③Vegan fashion x sustainable

Another benefit of vegan fashion is that it is ``sustainable,'' which has become a popular word in recent years. Sustainable fashion refers to fashion that gives maximum consideration to the global environment, society, economy, and people throughout the process from production to sales. Our basic philosophy is the three R's (reuse, reduce, and recycle), and by doing so, we can create an environmentally friendly, recycling-oriented society and preserve the global environment for future generations.

What are the materials used in vegan fashion?

Vegan ingredients come in a variety of varieties. Among them, we will introduce some of the most representative ones!

"Organic cotton"

Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers, chemicals, or pesticides. Problems with using pesticides include soil contamination, damage to microorganisms, and health damage to farm workers. By growing without pesticides, we can protect the farm environment, animals, and people. For children and people with sensitive skin, pesticide-free cotton is gentle on the skin and can be worn with confidence.

"Vegan Leather"

Vegan leather is a product that artificially reproduces the fiber structure of genuine leather without using animal-derived materials. There are three main types: synthetic leather, artificial leather, and vegan leather derived from natural materials.

◎Synthetic leather: Fabric or textile coated with polyurethane resin. The advantage is that it can be made at low cost and can be made in many variations in texture and color.

◎Artificial leather: A resin coated fiber made of a three-dimensional intertwined structure.

◎Vegan leather: Leather made mainly from plant-based raw materials, such as pineapple leaf fibers.
These are water and dirt resistant, lightweight and durable. The key points are that it is easy to clean and easy to use for everyday use.

In Japan, a brand called ``lovst tokyo'' incorporates vegan leather.
Please check it out if you are interested.

"Recycled polyester"

PET bottles and plastics are one of the causes of ocean pollution that has been frequently discussed in recent years. Recycled polyester is made from recycled materials such as plastic. You can reduce your impact on the global environment while reducing waste.

Vegan fashion and cold weather measures

It has long been said that protection against the cold is an issue for vegan outerwear that is kind to the global environment and animals. Traditionally, the warm coats that people have used to survive the winter have been made from animal-derived materials. In the first place, there were few warm natural materials in the world, so we had no choice but to use animal-derived materials such as leather, wool, and feathers. Vegan fashion does not allow the use of animal-derived materials. There are alternative materials such as cotton and linen derived from plants, but the problem is that they are not warm enough to protect against the cold.

Two materials have been created that solve these vegan fashion issues.

The first is PLUMTECH® , a newly developed material by the Italian company SAVE THE DUCK . Its functionality of being light, warm, and soft is said to be comparable to high-quality real down. He even set a world record by successfully climbing Mount Everest while wearing the world's first winter clothing that does not contain animal-based products. It is attracting attention as a cold-proof outerwear that can overcome the extreme cold .

The second one is "Kapok".

Cotton is obtained from the fruit of a tree called kapok, which grows naturally in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It is a special material that is lightweight, contains air, absorbs moisture, and generates its own heat. Cotton can be harvested without cutting down trees, and animal-free clothing can be made.

5 recommended vegan fashion brands!

Recently, an increasing number of high-end brands are declaring that their products are fur-free or animal-free. Italy's Armani and America's Theory have also abolished the use of fur. Vegan fashion is attracting a lot of attention! Here are five brands that are trending right now.

① “Stella McCartney”

Source: The Guardian

Among the many high-end brands, this is a representative British brand that can be said to be the pioneer of vegan fashion. Founder Stella McCartney's mother is a vegetarian. As a result of this, I have taken vegetarianism and animal welfare as a matter of course from an early age, and the brand's products do not use animal feathers or fur, nor do they use genuine leather. Additionally, more than half of our women's clothing is made from recycled materials.




The brand I introduced earlier is the sustainable outerwear brand "SAVE THE DUCK" from Italy. In order to protect ducks whose feathers are harvested for fashion, the brand uses PLUMTECH®, a newly developed material made from recyclable recycled materials made using cutting-edge technology . ®*Trademark registered in each country)".

③ “Treen”


A select shop that collects items from Scottish brands that do not use animal-derived materials. Cat Anderson, who started Treen, was a vegetarian for many years before becoming a vegan. At that time, Tree was born from the question, ``Why are people living a vegan lifestyle when it comes to their food, but not their clothes?''



LOVST-TOKYO is a Japanese online select shop with the meaning of ``respecting the vegan lifestyle'' of ``LOVE Vegan + 1st''. We have introduced compostable packaging called ``The Better Packaging'' in an effort to reduce as much garbage as possible not only from our products, but also from the time of product delivery, and to avoid placing any burden on the global environment.

⑤ “HER”


A Japanese brand that aims to ``make clothes that are polite and satisfying, regardless of seasons or trends.'' HER has two types of lines.The first is the semi-custom line ``COUTUME BY HER'', which is a line in which customers choose a combination of design and fabric. The second is the collection line ``COLLECTION BY HER,'' which is a line where you can purchase designer-like pieces that are different from semi-custom orders. In addition, at HER, all of our products, with the exception of some, are made to order, and our craftsmen put their heart and soul into each item.

Wear what you like and let's go!

Kapok knot and vegan fashion

Kapok Knot is a brand that makes down coats and jackets using kapok, which I introduced earlier in the vegan fashion material section. Kapok's fibers were too short and light to make into thread, so it was difficult to commercialize the material. However, by making kapok cotton into a sheet and putting it inside clothing, we were able to create a light and warm down.

Kapok Knot's philosophy is "Farm to Fashion," and we value the process from procurement of raw materials to delivery to our customers. By building Kapok Knot's unique supply chain, we are able to understand how people involved in all processes feel and how they are involved in manufacturing, allowing us to provide products to customers at low prices with peace of mind. can.

Click here for Kapok Knot's recommended products!

<Down jacket>


Let's embrace vegan fashion!

The reasons for starting a vegan lifestyle vary from person to person. However, at the core of this, we all share the same desire to help animals and take care of the environment. And this is something that we can only feel because we are in this modern era.

For those of you who are interested in living a vegan lifestyle but can't quite take the first step. Why not start your life with fashion?

Editor's note

Lately, I've started buying clothes exclusively online, but after writing this article, I started paying more attention to the materials they're made of. Stylish clothes! I want it! However, once I found out that it was made from animal-derived materials, I stopped buying it. I want to continue doing this because I think that this little bit of awareness can help animals even a little bit.