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Article: Notice of closing of Nihonbashi showroom

Notice of closing of Nihonbashi showroom

The limited-time Nihonbashi showroom has closed on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

Thank you very much to everyone who visited us.

Thanks to all of you, the Nihonbashi showroom has become a memorable place for us.

KAPOK KNOT 's first showroom.
Utilizing a building that was scheduled to be demolished a few years later, the designer created a space with his heart and soul, inheriting various pieces of history from mirrors and hangers that were scheduled to be thrown away.
It felt like a hideout, like a small research institute,
and was very typical of KAPOK KNOT.

Until we opened, we were nervous about whether customers would come.
In the three months starting from January, we had a huge number of people, approximately 120 groups, come to our store, and we were able to convey the thoughts of KAPOK KNOT to them.

For our staff, the time we spend with the customers we meet through this showroom is a cherished memory.

I'm sad to say goodbye, but
Next time, I plan to take on a new challenge somewhere.

I hope to be able to tell you soon,
Please look forward to our new showroom.

All of us at KAPOK KNOT are looking forward to seeing you again.