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Article: <To everyone who ordered pre-order products> Notice of delivery delay

<To everyone who ordered pre-order products> Notice of delivery delay

Thank you for purchasing a KAPOK KNOT item.
We apologize for keeping you waiting for the delivery of the product.
Due to the spread of coronavirus in garment factories,
The production schedule has been delayed.
Please check the following for estimated delivery times for your ordered products.

<Long coat>

Poncho coat: mid-October
Chester Court: Mid-October
Quilted coat: mid-October
Food court: Late October
Gown coat/faux fur gown coat: Mid-November
Balmacan Court: Mid-November
Westmark Parka Coat: Mid-December

<Short jacket>

Work jacket: Mid-October Quilted jacket: Mid-October Shirt blouson: Late October Air light jacket: Late October Boa jacket: Mid-November

<Other items>

Bucket hat: mid-October
Tote bag: mid-November
Down pants: Late November

While we are looking forward to the arrival of the product,
We apologize again for keeping you waiting.
We hope that everyone can enjoy a warm winter with Kapok.
We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible , so
We would appreciate it if you could wait for a while.
Thank you for your continued support of KAPOK KNOT.
*If you purchase multiple products, the delivery time may change.