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Article: About publication in Senken Shimbun

About publication in Senken Shimbun

In the June 8th edition of Senken Shimbun, the efforts of KAPOK JAPAN and the Ginza showroom "The Crafted GINZA" were featured.

The full article is below.

Three companies including Kapok Japan sell domestic DtoC brands in Ginza at limited stores

Kapok Japan has opened ``The Crafted Ginza'' in Ginza, Tokyo, a showroom and members-only coworking space for a limited period of one year. The facility will be jointly operated by three companies: Palais Futaba, which sells the mask-specific lifestyle brand "Wheel," and NOD, a design company that operates a construction management business.

It is positioned as a base for disseminating various "manufacturing DtoC (manufacturer direct sales)" brands such as apparel, interior design, and lifestyle brands. The showroom, which doubles as a co-working space, provides a place for makers, creators, users, buyers, and others to interact with the keywords of ``craftsmen's skills and temperament.''

With the exception of Kapok Japan's fashion brand ``Kapok Knot'' and Palais Futaba's Wheels, the brands on display change every two months, so you can see new products every time you visit. On Saturday and Sunday, we plan to hold events such as talk sessions for each brand and try-on sessions for crowdfunded products.

Kapok Japan collects fiber from the fruit of the kapok tree, which grows naturally in Southeast Asia, and sells coats and other items made from the fibers used as padding. Wheels is a mask that comes in single types that are lightweight and comfortable to wear, as well as double layer types that are sturdy and comfortable to wear.

In addition, International Shoes, a domestic leather shoe manufacturer, sells the unisex sneaker brand ``Brightway.'' Showa Modaisho, a sock manufacturer, offers high-performance socks suitable for outdoor activities under its original brand ``Oreno''. They also sell Kimura Soap Kogyo's ``Kimura Soap,'' which is made with natural essential oils, and Urban Kogyo's leather bag brand ``Tide.''

“Senken Newspaper” As of June 8, 2021

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