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Article: February media coverage information

February media coverage information

Thanks to all of you, KAPOK KNOT's efforts were covered by many media outlets this month as well.

・``Apparel ``KAPOK KNOT'' made from tree nuts is popular with support purchases totaling over 30 million yen at ``Makuake'''' (Japan Net Keizai Shimbun)
Here is the article

・“Bags, perfumes, and underwear: “New luxury” being born around the world” (Forbes JAPAN)
Here is the article

・"We don't use feathers" (NHK)
Here is the article

・“[Person] <KAPOK JAPAN President Kisho Fukai>/The path you choose will be the correct one” (Japan Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun)
Here is the article

I am very happy that many people who have never met KAPOK KNOT will get to know about KAPOK KNOT.

Please take a look.