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Article: Announcement of publication in parenting knowledge sharing media “cozre Magazine”

Announcement of publication in parenting knowledge sharing media “cozre Magazine”

The "Family KNOT" service launched at KAPOK KNOT MIYASHITA PARK STORE was featured in the parenting knowledge sharing media "cozre Magazine" .

`` Family KNOT'' is a new customer service style that makes shopping for parents and children more comfortable, focusing on the voice of customers with children who say, ``I can't take my time to choose clothes while shopping.''

【Service contents】

◆Challenges: Children can't sit still, so they can't look at the clothes or go into the fitting room → Staff with nursery teacher qualifications and staff with experience as after-school instructors have attached easy-to-understand marks (badges) to the children.
We provide a system where parents can easily ask the staff for support.

◆Challenge: I forgot something related to my child and couldn't stay for long, so I had to go home in the middle → Wipes and diapers are always kept in the store as amenities.

◆Challenge: I want to breastfeed, but the nursing room is full → Open the fitting room as a nursing room

◆Issue: I'm worried about my child making noise in the store and causing a nuisance.
→Providing a corner where children can play

KAPOK KNOT, as a brand that aims for a ``heart-filled life'', will do everything possible one step at a time to make the shopping experience as comfortable as possible for parents and children, and aim to become a brand and society that warmly embraces parents and children.

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Childcare knowledge sharing media “cozre magazine”