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Article: INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding Notice

INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding Notice

A global crowdfunding campaign, including Japan and the United States, started on March 16th (Tuesday, Japan time).

"A haori jacket only 5mm"

Functionality, design, and sustainability

We have created the world's most comfortable haori jacket with three key points.

Comes with a belt featuring the Vegan Fashion Week logo, which can be cinched at the waist.
The design allows you to freely arrange it.
Available in two colors: momijiiro and black.

In this crowdfunding,
We are collaborating with Vegan Fashion Week, a community that promotes the abolition of animal cruelty and the fusion of sustainability and fashion.

Although it is an American crowdfunding site, it is also possible to deliver to Japan, so please check it out.
For more information is here .

We appreciate your continued support.