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Reversible pants-Women

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This winter, your new winter companion

Down pants, which were primarily used for shoveling snow in areas with deep snowfall, have been reinterpreted using Kapok knot's unique approach.

By utilizing the thinness of kapok, these functional pants allow you to go out and be active while keeping your feet warm from the freezing cold of the city.

Customers have said, ``If you wear one of these, you won't feel like going out even on snowy days.The silhouette is beautiful, and even if you wear it everyday, you won't look sloppy, and you can coordinate it stylishly.'' A masterpiece that has received great feedback.

  • 水洗い可能(文字入り)
  • 植物性由来
  • アニマルフリー(文字入り
  • ダウンの暖かさ(文字入り)
  • 撥水
  • 防シワ
  • 吸湿発熱(文字入り)

It looks neat and feels good.

It is reversible and has a quilted back side.

A gem that can be enjoyed on both sides with completely different designs.

Wool, which tends to be heavy, is now made of light and stretchy polyester.

Elastic waist allows for easy size adjustment

While setting up, you can create a relaxed adult look without being too stiff.

Customer Reviews

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Because it is covered with air, it only takes 5mm to provide the warmth of down.

The secret to its lightness is the special nut ``Kapok''

Kapok cotton is a special material that is 1/8th the weight of cotton and does not require the use of animal fur or feathers or cutting down trees.

Lightweight but provides the same warmth as down

Kapok has a special structure that allows it to absorb moisture and release heat, a function called ``hygroscopic heat generation.'' Its function is comparable to that of down, so it is also called down that grows on trees.

Achieving exquisite balance using carefully selected Japanese threads

Japanese special thread. Adopts a special technology called split yarn, which consists of one nylon and four polyester fibers. The unique bulge created by combining nylon or polyester alone cannot be achieved. Japan's ability to make good use of the differences in shrinkage between different materials is a thread technique that we would like to pass on to future generations.

Sustainable “ethical down kapok” made possible with the latest processing technology

Since kapok is a fruit of a tree, there is no need to cut down trees or obtain animal feathers.
However, commercialization has been difficult until now because the fibers are extremely short and difficult to make into thread. We use sheets that have been jointly developed with major companies over many years.

Would you like to travel with us on “FARM TO FASHION”?

You can see people working in kapok farms, processing factories, and garment factories.
Experience how kapok knot clothes are made.