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Gown Dress: Dress-Women

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Great for special occasion dresses and everyday outerwear.

A one-piece outerwear with a thick and glossy texture that gives it an elegant impression.

Not only can it be worn as a dress, but the feather-like detail on the back sways in the wind, and it will brighten up your outfit by wearing it over a simple style such as a T-shirt and slacks.

Made with cool, plant-based materials, this item is useful for mixing and matching from spring to fall.


Lining: None

Transparency: Slightly

Elasticity: Slightly

Fabric thickness: slightly thin

Washing: Hand washable


*The color of the displayed image may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your monitor or browser.

*The model image is wearing a sample.

*The fabric image is closer to the color of the official product.

  • 植物性由来
  • アニマルフリー(文字入り
  • 水洗い可能(文字入り)
Gown Dress: Dress-Women
Gown Dress: Dress-Women Sale price¥38,000

A dress that incorporates outerwear details

A dress with a wind protection motif that is often found on jackets.
Even when you put it on, it looks like outerwear.
There are also deep pockets on both sides that are perfect for going out.
It is useful when you want to go out empty-handed or at a party venue where you can leave your luggage.

The design sways in the wind for an elegant look.

The feather-like design on the shoulder transition area sways in the wind for an elegant look.
The calm coloring gives it a mature impression.

Super comfortable to wear with a thick and refreshing feel

The outer material uses materials derived from eucalyptus trees.
It has a unique thick texture and a refreshing feel that feels comfortable on the skin, making it a piece you'll want to wear every day.

The sleeves are just the right length to cover your elbows.

The sleeve length allows you to wear it alone without worrying about exposing your upper arms or elbows.
Even when worn as a haori, it is a good length so that short-sleeved cut-and-sew items do not stick out.

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