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Article: Thoughts put into the design - Stainless steel collar coat -

Thoughts put into the design - Stainless steel collar coat -

Just when you think autumn has begun, the temperature suddenly drops and it looks like winter is here. I want you to enjoy your winter outings even in the cold. KAPOK KNOT's first item, the "Stainless Collar Coat", created with this in mind, will be available in new colors starting Wednesday, November 3rd.

This product received over 17 million yen in support through crowdfunding in 2019, and was purchased by many people last year when it went on sale to the general public.

Its feature is that it is lightweight yet warm and extremely functional.

Only 5mm thin and as warm as down
Introducing the secret to creating a coat that will make you love winter even more.

What is a stainless steel collar coat?

To begin with, the word "soutien collar coat" is a combination of three French words: "soutien" (to support), "collar" (collar), and "coat" (coat).
We decided to choose this timeless masterpiece, which has been loved for over 150 years, as Kapok Knot's first product.

Kapok knot stainless steel collar coat,
It looks like a thin coat, but it's as warm as down.
This is a new generation coat that is ``warm and doesn't get bulky.''

For example, when commuting. It may be cold outside, but when you get on the train, the heating is on and you feel hot. Even in such cases, if you use a light and thin stainless steel collar coat, you can quickly take it off and adjust the temperature.

When commuting to work, I had two choices: either wear a thick down jacket or settle for a thin coat, but I came up with this product as a third option.
Recommended for those who are looking for an elegant outerwear that can be used for business in the middle of winter, or for those who don't want to wear bulky down jackets when going out on holidays.


Functional features

The ``light and thin'' characteristics are achieved by the kapok used for the filling.

Cotton from the Kapok tree is light because the fibers are hollow, and it is said to be 1/8th the weight of cotton.

Kapok also has a hygroscopic property that makes it warm by absorbing moisture. Because we use Ethical Down Kapok™, which is made by mixing this kapok with recycled polyester and forming it into a sheet, we are able to achieve both lightness and warmth.



We have received many comments from people who actually use our products, such as, ``I worry about stiff shoulders in the winter, so I would appreciate a coat that is even a little bit gentler on my body.''


Commitment to design

Shigeru Yamakawa, a craftsman living in Hokkaido, created the design and pattern for this collared coat. He is a sewing craftsman with 60 years of experience and is the first Japanese to win the Michelangelo Award, an internationally prestigious award for pattern makers.

The ``thin silhouette'' that was created by craftsmen who know the material inside out and has experienced the cold of the northern land is the focus of the design of the stainless steel collar coat.

About this year's new colors

Until last year, the stainless steel collar coat was available in two colors: navy and beige, but this year, a new color, orange, is now available! This piece will add brightness to your winter outfits, which tend to get dark.

It's sure to come in handy when you're commuting to work in a cheerful mood, or when you're going out on the weekends to enjoy a stylish look.


Thoughts put into the stainless steel collar coat

Lastly, let me tell you something important.

This stainless steel collar coat is our first product.
For those of us who were concerned about the sustainability of apparel,
It has become a product that I can't be more excited about.

Without this product, we would not be where we are today.
Through this product, which has the triple features of "function", "design", and "sustainability",

We want as many people as possible to experience the concept of sustainability.

Beyond that, there will be a ``society where everyone can live comfortably.''
we truly believe.
This stainless steel collar coat is an important first product that incorporates these thoughts.

At the end

We, Kapok Knot, are a fashion brand made from nuts that brings a comfortable lifestyle from the farm. We hope that this stainless steel collar coat will help you and those around you lead a ``heart-filled life.''

If you are interested in the stainless steel collar coat, please take a look at this page .

You can also try on our products at the limited-time showroom "Farm to Fashion Base" that opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Please feel free to visit us, as we require reservations.

*Click here to reserve the showroom