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Article: Thoughts behind the design ~Quilted coat~

Thoughts behind the design ~Quilted coat~

The infection has subsided, and I feel like I will be able to return home for the first time in a while.
We are in the midst of December, when normal life is returning to normal. How is everyone doing.
This time, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us over the past year.
We will deliver the thoughts that went into the designs of popular products.
We hope that those who have already purchased this product will like this product even more.

This time we'd like to introduce you to a ``quilted coat,'' a light and warm coat that can be worn from October to early spring.
It is commonly referred to as a "lady's coat" by our staff, and is a product that stands out for its high quality.
This is a very popular item, and we are producing it twice this year, which is unusual.
We hope you will feel the passion behind the design of this extremely popular product, the “Quilted Coat”.

What is a quilted coat?

What kind of coat is a quilted coat?

Quilting is said to have originally originated from Scottish folk costumes, and involves inserting cotton between the outer material and the lining to create a single piece of fabric. The " Quilted Coat " we have designed as a new product is a product that makes you feel lighter in body and soul by applying quilting to kapok.

Why we offer quilted coats

In a world where remote work has increased, it has become very rare to buy fashionable clothes for going out to dinner with friends or traveling. On the other hand, I think more and more people are finding that going out on a daily basis, such as going for a walk or shopping at the supermarket, helps refresh their minds. I thought that outerwear could be an item that would add a little color to your time when you go out for a little while in your daily life.

This project has started with the aim of making use of KAPOK KNOT's technology to create highly heat-retaining clothing, with the aim of creating a product that will brighten your mood just by putting it on.

Design features

One of the design concepts that KAPOK KNOT values ​​is " the warmth of down in a classic style . "
This is the first time we have created a product called KAPOK x Quilting, because we wanted to not only pursue the functionality of cold-weather clothing, but also a design that wouldn't look too bulky.
Traditionally, when we focus on functional lightness and thinness, we tend to end up with a product that has a sporty feel, but this quilted coat has a relaxed silhouette that gives it an elegant and classic look. I am wearing it.

I think this unique balance is a product that has never been seen before, which is why it is supported by so many people.
Also, we are particular about the fabric. Both the outer material and the lining are made of a fabric with a very fine, ultra-fine brushed surface called ``Peach Skin'' that resembles the surface of a peach.
By using this fabric luxuriously on both the front and back of the quilting, the product is finished with a soft lady's atmosphere without the stiffness that is often associated with quilting.
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Functional features

One of the major features of this quilted coat is that it is an outerwear that can be matched with a variety of coordination / styles.

If you wear down in cold weather, your outfits will tend to look the same even if you change your innerwear. We want our customers to enjoy seasonal fashion, so we purposely prepared our quilted coats without any color. By doing so, the atmosphere of the inner layer will not disappear even when you put on a quilted coat. You can enjoy many coordinations such as hoodies, knits, high necks, monochrome, colorful, etc.

In addition, with a view to having people wear it from early fall to early spring, we have made it as light and thin as possible so that it does not look bulky or bulky. When you put it on, it's so light that you wonder, "Wow, is this really an outerwear?"

A quilted coat that you want to wear in these situations

We want you to spend time with this quilted coat, from casual occasions such as walking with your beloved dog or shopping at the supermarket, to enjoying a cup of coffee while breathing in the fresh air at a slightly stylish open terrace cafe. think. In early spring, after we've overcome this cold winter, we've created clothing that will help you enjoy your time, whether it's hiking with your family, friends, or partner, or cherry blossom viewing.

*Image of staff wearing

Winter has arrived, the third year since we started our activities as KAPOK KNOT . This year's new products incorporate various ideas and requests from people who picked up our products last year and from our colleagues who work with us to create the brand. In particular, quilted coats are an item that blends into your life in any situation and can be worn for a long time throughout the seasons. We hope that we can spend the pleasant autumn season together and add some color to your fashionable time.

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