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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Kangaroo hoodie~

Thoughts put into the design ~Kangaroo hoodie~

The cold days continue, but how are you all doing?

It's unusually cold, with snow observed in many parts of Japan.

We would like to introduce this year's new ``Kangaroo Parka'', which can be worn in a variety of situations and is a perfect piece to wear on those cold days.

The theme we aimed for with this item is "a fusion of city and outdoors."

Customers who have actually been using it regularly say that they are using it for serious outdoor activities, wearing it while riding their bicycles on a daily basis, and that it will be very useful this winter!

This item is KAPOK KNOT's first hoodie item and their first collaboration product. We would like to share with you the thoughts that went into this product, which is filled with the brand's first experiences.

What is a kangaroo hoodie?


The name comes from the large pocket on the front. It was given this name because it looks like a kangaroo's stomach pouch.

This large pocket was actually inspired by the fishing vests worn when fishing. It reproduces a large pocket for storing fishing gear.

The kangaroo hoodie's unique feature is that it has an urban style and an outdoor function by adding these outdoor functions to a casual and calming garment like a hoodie.

Why I made this item now


This item was created together with architect Makoto Tanijiri and his wife, chef Naoko Tanijiri.

For this collaboration, we created multiple items, but this kangaroo hoodie is particularly packed with Makoto Tanijiri's passion.

The origin of the idea was the lifestyle of Mr. and Mrs. Tanijiri. The two of them work in Tokyo on weekdays, and often enjoy the outdoors in nature on weekends. Mr. Tanijiri wanted to create something with a style that could cross between the city and the outdoors.

When it comes to outdoor clothing, there are many that look like they are made for outdoor use, such as brand logos that stand out or water-repellent coatings on the entire surface, and I think people have had the impression that they are difficult to wear in the city.

To solve this problem, KAPOK KNOT, which has created many items to be worn on the street, has come up with a design that can be worn both on the street and outdoors.

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Design features

The person I imagined wearing it would be someone like Mr. and Mrs. Tanijiri who live in Tokyo and enjoy their hobbies in nature on the weekends.

The design is designed with great attention to detail so that it can be worn outdoors, whether you're fishing or just riding your bike.

① Large front pocket


This large-capacity pocket is large enough to hold two fishing lure boxes.
You can put your phone, wallet, keys, etc. in it, so it's very convenient when traveling by bicycle.

② Loop on the back of the neck


The back of the hood has a loop for attaching a fishing landing net. The loop is strong and strong, so you can hang it by hanging it on a hook on the wall.

③Relaxed silhouette


The hem is rounded and has a moderately loose fit. The shape makes it easy to match with down pants for outdoor use and slim silhouette pants for everyday wear.

④Removable sleeves


You can also wear it as short sleeves by removing the zip at the elbow. Since ease of movement is important when outdoors, we devised a design that allows you to remove it in case of an emergency. You can also enjoy a layered style by wearing a long T-shirt underneath.

Functional features


As for its functionality, by using kapok as the filling, which has moisture absorption and heat generation properties, it achieves the same warmth as down. The high-density fabric can withstand wind, and the surface is also water-repellent, so it can be used against sudden changes in weather.

Kapok is also lightweight and extremely soft, making it extremely comfortable to wear. When camping, you can sleep comfortably in your sleeping bag while wearing this hoodie!


Please allow us to convey our thoughts on this item.


Up until now, KAPOK KNOT has been making items centered around coats that can be worn around town. As lifestyles become more diverse, we believe that if there are products that can be worn both outdoors and on the town, you can live a ``spiritual life'' at any time. With this in mind, this is the first hoodie item I have created.


We sincerely hope that this product can gently add color to various situations in your daily life.

* * *


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