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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Westmark Parka Coat~

Thoughts put into the design ~Westmark Parka Coat~

Thank you to everyone who always reads our articles.

This year, KAPOK KNOT opened a showroom for the first time, and we were able to deliver our clothes to more customers than ever before.

Among them, this year's new product "Tight Parka Coat" has been very popular. Since it sold out immediately, we decided to release an updated version in the same winter!

What we pursued was ``compactness and elegance that would change the image of winter clothing.'' Based on the feedback we received from a certain customer, we have incorporated many new features. We would like to introduce the thoughts that went into this coat, which has a slightly different impression from previous items.

Why we created the Westmark parka coat


The idea to create this coat came from the feedback of a customer who is a friend of KAPOK KNOT representative Fukai and also works as a cabin attendant (CA).

For CAs who travel around the world, winter clothing is essential all year round. Since I can't predict how cold it will be when I travel, I always carry warm clothing in my bag. However, many of the compact jackets that can be carried in a bag are only focused on functionality, and she was worried that she could not enjoy fashion while traveling.

I want to create a warm coat that can be stylish while traveling and can be stored compactly in a suitcase. That's why we created the Westmark parka coat.

Design features

The design concept that KAPOK KNOT cherishes when making coats is "classic style with the warmth of down." While keeping this concept in mind, we created the design for this coat, paying particular attention to its "compactness" and "elegance."


① Waist belt


The waist-marked belt gives this coat its name.

Tightening the belt creates a sharp silhouette and creates an elegant atmosphere.


②Comfortable to wear

The `` Waist Mark Parka Coat'' is an updated version of KAPOK KNOT's popular product ``Tight Parka Coat .'' The design is more comfortable to wear.

(*The tight parka coat is also on sale due to popular demand! Click here for information)

Since you don't have to choose what clothes to wear inside, you can enjoy wearing this coat in a variety of ways even while traveling!

③Easy to fold design

Foldable design

The kapok sheet used for filling (pictured on the left) is warm yet thin. In addition, both the filling and outer material are soft, so it can be stored compactly in a suitcase.
(In the photo on the right, the part you are touching is the waist mark parka coat. It fits in about a third of one side of a small suitcase!)

Functional features

The most important feature in terms of functionality is its warmth. The kapok sheet filling has a ``hygroscopic heat generating'' function that absorbs moisture and generates heat, providing the same warmth as down, so it protects you from the cold when you travel.

Another strength of this coat is that it can be used in a variety of weather conditions. The outer material is made of high-density, water-repellent fabric, and it also has a hood, so it can withstand rain and wind.

This coat is perfect for traveling when you can't predict the temperature or weather!


Waist mark parka coat that you want to wear in these situations

■Pair it with a blouse and skirt to go to a restaurant for a meal.

Pair it with a classic blouse or skirt and tighten the belt around your waist for an instantly classy look.

I want to try out the wonderful restaurants and bars I find on my travels! Even when you feel that way, the elegance allows you to enter the store without worrying about the dress code.

■Casual pants style, perfect for outdoor activities

When you remove the belt, this coat is easy to match with casual outfits. The length is moderately long, so even if you wear tight pants, you won't have to worry about the silhouette around your waist.

It can be layered inside and has excellent water repellency, so you can wear it even when traveling mainly to outdoor events.



Our idea behind this new product is, ``We want you to enjoy fashion not only in your daily life, but also while traveling.''

When you're traveling, where you can't predict the weather or temperature and wear minimal clothing, it can be difficult to look as stylish as you want.

If you have a coat that solves these problems and allows you to look stylish while traveling, you will be able to live a ``heart-filled life'' anytime, anywhere.

And even though it's difficult to travel right now, I'm sure you'll be looking forward to the future when you can travel freely.

With that belief in mind, we are bringing this new product to you.

* * *


If you are interested in the Westmark parka coat, please take a look at this page.