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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~ Air Smooth Shirt ~

Thoughts put into the design ~ Air Smooth Shirt ~

As the end of January approaches, some of you may be starting to prepare for your new life little by little.

Even though we can hear the footsteps of spring, the temperature is still low.

KAPOK KNOT's Air Smooth Shirt was created with the desire to be close to everyone from this time of year to early spring and all year round.

Last year, this product received more than 15 million yen in support from 610 people on Makuake, a support purchase service for unique items and experiences.

We will deliver the thoughts that went into the design of such a huge hit product.

Why we created the Air Smooth Shirt

The first time was ``a coat that is only 5mm thick and has the warmth of down'', and the second was ``a jacket that is only 500g and has the warmth of down''. Every year at Makuake, KAPOK KNOT has come up with new proposals that will make you love winter even more. What we proposed this time was ``a new standard alternative to inner down.''

Nowadays, many people have "inner down". Since you can easily take it on and take it off, it is useful when you are traveling or on days when there is a large temperature difference between day and night.

But have you ever thought like this?

"Even when I'm inside the coat, I don't really feel the warmth."

"I don't like the design and don't want to wear it alone. I don't like the way the down is visible from the collar when layered."

As a new proposal to solve this problem, we have created an ``Air Smooth Shirt'' that can be used as both an ``outer'' and ``inner'' and that you will want to wear it anytime, anywhere!

Features of Air Smooth Shirt

The concept is "middleware" located between "outer" and "inner".

We aimed for a design that combines the best features of shirts and down, and can be worn regardless of the season or situation.


①It's only 300g and only 3mm, but it's warm

The Air Smooth Shirt is the lightest in KAPOK KNOT's history, weighing approximately 300g. It's 3mm thin, so it's easy to roll up and carry.

In addition, it also has a ``moisture absorption heat generation'' function that absorbs the moisture of kapok and becomes warm, making it both light and warm!

②Shape of collared shirt

Since it's in the shape of a shirt, it's perfect as an inner layer for a classic coat! On the other hand, it's also perfect to wear over a casual hoodie or jacket.

It can be used in any situation, from business to outdoor scenes.

③Reversible specifications

Reversible with different designs on the front and back. In addition to changing the color, there are also differences such as a simple pocket on the front and a pocket with a logo on the back, so you can use it depending on your mood and coordination!

The colors are mainly earth tones and colors that are easy to match with any outfit. You can choose the color that matches your wardrobe.

*For other colors, please check out the product page linked below!

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The air smooth shirt you want to wear in these situations

Air Smooth Shirts are characterized by the fact that they can be worn all year round because they are "middlewear" that can be used as both "outerwear" and "innerwear."

In the cold winter, wear it as an inner layer for your regular coat. The "winter" coordination in the photo below is a combination with a KAPOK KNOT Chester coat. Perfect for an elegant coat.

Wear it alone as an outer layer on cool days in fall or spring. It goes perfectly with casual styles such as T-shirts and hoodies.

And in the summer when you're worried about the cold air conditioning, use it as indoor wear. Since it has a collar, it is also useful in situations such as online meetings during telework.

Also, it can handle bad weather! Water-repellent coated fabric with densely woven threads maintains cold protection even on rainy days. When you go on a trip and you don't know what kind of jacket to bring because you don't know the local weather, you can just wear this one.


Please allow us to convey our thoughts on this item.

Until now, KAPOK KNOT has mainly made coats that are useful in autumn and winter. However, I think jackets are necessary all year round. It's chilly even in early spring, and in summer there's a huge temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, making it difficult to manage your health. That's why we created this item because we want to be by your side all year round and help you lead a ``heart-filled life.''

For everyone who purchased from Makuake,

"It's thin, warm and fashionable, so you'll want to carry it everywhere."

"It's a shirt shape, so you can use it for office work, and you can also use it outdoors, so it's a good deal."

We have already received many happy comments.

We hope that this product will help you solve some of your jacket-related problems.


* * *


If you are interested in the Air Smooth Shirt, please take a look at the product page linked below.

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You can also try on our products at our showroom "Farm to Fashion Base" in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Please feel free to visit us, as we require reservations.

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