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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE~

Thoughts put into the design ~Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE~

Please try to imagine.
Going to see a play that I've been looking forward to for a long time. Heading to a party to celebrate a dear friend. Even though you've taken the pains to wear your favorite dress, the coats in your wardrobe are: ``I bought it out of sympathy for sustainability, but it's a bit cheap for a special day,'' and ``It's a luxurious coat, but it's not sustainable. '' Only two.

No matter which one you wear, it may be difficult to express your individuality.

What we have created this time is an outerwear that will be your savior in times like these. A piece that will complement your special dress or dress and make you feel excited when you look in the mirror. That is "Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE".

This time, I would like to tell you about the features and design details of this item, which is filled with KAPOKNOT's thoughts.

What is “Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE”?

■The goal was to create a down jacket that could be matched with formal outfits.

I think most of the dresses and dresses worn at parties and theater are thin. I wanted to create a down that would go well with such a formal style and give a sense of warmth. This item was completed with that in mind.

While the sleeves retain the fluffy feel typical of down, the body has a slender silhouette that enhances your style . It has a design that is comparable to being called a dress itself. The hem is long and has a large amount of fabric to create volume and give it a heavy feel. The pockets are made larger to match the length of the skirt, giving it a three-dimensional look.

■Outer material, filling, and sewing thread are all derived from plants.

In order to make everything plant-based, there were hurdles we had to overcome.
To overcome this barrier, we needed to combine materials that had never been seen before.

The outer material looks like ordinary nylon at first glance, but it is actually a plant-derived nylon material. It is made of a newly developed fabric called ``Ecodia®️N510'' by Toray Industries, Inc., and has the same durability as regular nylon. In addition, since the fibers used are thin and extremely light, it solves the problems associated with winter outerwear, such as the weight and difficulty of movement.

In addition, for the filling, we have used kapok, which has moisture absorption and heat generation properties, so that you can feel the warmth to the fullest. The fluffy parts of the arms are made of 100% kapok loosened cotton, and the body is made of Kapok x Tencel™, a patent-pending proprietary filling.
By combining these materials, we have created an unprecedented dress-down look.

Reason for choosing 100% plant-based products

Until now, we have been making clothes that are functional, design, and sustainable using cotton from the kapok tree, which grows naturally in Indonesia. From a sustainability perspective, we calculate the amount of CO2 (carbon footprint) emitted when making each piece of clothing and clearly state it on the product tag. As a result, compared to conventional down that uses waterfowl feathers for filling, using plant-based kapok can reduce the amount of CO2 emitted to one-tenth. (In-house research)

"We want to make outerwear that is even more environmentally friendly by making not only the filling but also the outer material and accessories all plant-based."

Since 2019, when the brand was first established, we have been conducting research and development with this idea in mind.

In fact, we had already completed a 100% plant-based trench coat last year, but the outer material of this trench coat was extremely heavy, and while it passed in terms of design and sustainability, it ended up being inferior in terms of functionality. As a brand, we have decided that we cannot offer this to our customers.

However, this time, after discovering a material called ``Ecodia®️N510'' that satisfies its functional requirements, we once again took on the challenge of creating outerwear that is 100% plant-based. Finally, we succeeded in developing ``Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE,'' which has the triple signature of functionality, design, and sustainability.

Named with dreams of a sustainable future

“Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE”

Why does the product name include "2030"? This number embodies our thoughts. Our dream was that by 2030, 100% plant-based down will be easily incorporated into our daily lives .

By the way, "FLARE" is an English word that means spread. With the image of ``walking down the runway in the future Tokyo collection'', we created items with unprecedented designs that fuse down and dresses.

I was particular about the down dress design because I didn't want to give up on fashion just because it was sustainable. We have created a piece that allows you to take a step towards sustainability while enjoying fashion in your own way.


“Plant-Based Down 2030:FLARE” lottery sales information

100% plant-based down is an unprecedented product and production is limited, so only 3 items will be sold by lottery. If you are selected, we will take your measurements at a later date, and we will prepare a semi-customized suit for you, including length and sleeve length.


Plant-based will become the norm. We hope that those who can dream of such a future with us will apply.


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