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Article: Kapok picture book vol.2 -Characteristics of kapok fiber (first part)-

Kapok picture book vol.2 -Characteristics of kapok fiber (first part)-

“Kapok” was discovered far away in Indonesia.
We will bring you little-known facts about kapok.

This time, we will introduce the characteristics of kapok that give clothes excellent functionality.

Warm material properties comparable to down

In fact, the inside of the kapok fiber is hollow.

This cavity plays the role of high moisture absorption and heat generation, creating warmth comparable to down.
*1: What is hygroscopic heat generation? A function that gives a sense of warmth by using the heat generated when water molecules in the air adsorb to fibers (referred to as sorption heat).

In addition, Kapok fiber has a high hollow rate of approximately 80%, so it has a very large surface area, which means that it has a large surface area that absorbs moisture and generates heat.

These features allow us to create outerwear that can be used for many seasons, as ``when it's cold, it absorbs moisture and generates heat, creating warmth, and when it's hot, it releases moisture, making you feel cool and comfortable.''

Kapok cotton is as light as dandelion fluff

One of the characteristics of kapok fiber is that it is very light.

Its lightness is approximately 1/8 that of cotton.
As mentioned earlier, Kapok fiber is hollow and has a high hollowness ratio, which makes it extremely light.

Kapok's light weight allows its seeds to be blown far away by the wind, just like dandelions.

By using kapok, which has the characteristic of being about 1/8 the weight of cotton, it is possible to achieve warmth comparable to down, but at about the same weight as a thin coat.


What did you think.

Kapok is a warm and light material that is perfect for outerwear.

It has many great features.

Next time, we will talk about ``Why has such excellent kapok not been used for clothing until now?'' and we would like to introduce how we were able to make it into clothes.

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