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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~Haori Jacket~

Thoughts put into the design ~Haori Jacket~

In February, the cold weather continues unabated, and the third wave of infections continues.
It sounds familiar.
The new year of 2021 has entered a world that no human being has ever experienced.
We have released new products considering what we can do now.
That is the "Haori Jacket" .

<Introduction of Haori Jacket>

The Haori Jacket looks like a hanten worn at an inn, but
This product is both lightweight and heat-retaining.
In this cold season, when remote work is recommended and people often work from home,
This is a product that we thought there was something we could do right now.

Even though it's winter, I'm worried about infection if I don't ventilate.
But I don't want to feel cold.

Free yourself from the stiff shoulders and fatigue caused by heavy winter clothing.
Thinking about how to make people love winter even more,
We hope you can feel free to put it on and work from home more comfortably.

Origin of name

The “Haori Jacket” I made this time is
As the name suggests, it is inspired by traditional Japanese haori.
When you go to stay at a local inn,
A haori is something you sometimes find lying around and it makes you feel a little better.

In fact, haori is a traditional Japanese garment that has been around since the Edo period.
As the word ``to put on'' quickly says,
In the position of warm cold protection outerwear,
This word is still recognized today.

However, according to one theory, haori is, as can be inferred from the wording,
It is said to have the meaning of ``a cloak made from collected waterfowl feathers and woven into them .''

Instead of using feathers or cotton, we replaced the haori with a material called KAPOK.
Let's go beyond the Edo period and re-propose it in 2021.
This challenging idea is also reflected in this product name.

Functional features

There are three functional differences between this jacket and a traditional winter jacket made of cotton.
① All Kapok Knot products that can be easily washed at home are manufactured with the assumption that they can be washed at home.
By providing easy care,
This is because we believe that you can wear it with care for a long time.

② There is no imbalance in the filling Normally, down or cotton jackets tend to have uneven filling inside the clothes.
This is unavoidable due to the structure of the clothes, but
All Kapok Knot products are specially processed to prevent unevenness of the cotton.
You can feel the warmth of kapok all over your body.

③Light and warm , this feature is essential.
This Haori weighs approximately 600g.
It's warm when I cover myself with a blanket, but it's heavy at about 1kg.
The parka is light, but it's cold.
This Haori Jacket covers such exquisite lines.


We at KAPOK KNOT think this way.

A worldview that allows you to value someone else's happiness as much as your own.
I think it's a world where your own happiness is also valued by someone.

Through Haori Jacket,
If I could contribute even just a little bit to this world,
I couldn't be happier.

If you are interested in Haori Jacket, please check it out.
Please see this page .

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Please make a reservation at the showroom to try it on.