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Article: KAPOK KNOT Instruction manual for first-time buyers

KAPOK KNOT Instruction manual for first-time buyers


Updated on 2023.10.23
We have compiled various information for those who are interested in KAPOK KNOT.
This is a manual that summarizes everything from the establishment to the present, sales methods, and advance reservations.


KAPOK KNOT uses a material derived from the nut of the kapok tree,
This is a brand that aims to create products that are kind to producers, consumers, and the environment.

With the brand concept of “Blur the line”,
The city and nature, producers and consumers, old and new.
By blurring the boundaries and creating products that incorporate the best of both,
We provide a comfortable life.

Kapok characteristics and concept
If you would like to know more, please visit this page .

Also, please click here for a note about the thoughts that the individual representative put into starting up the company.

How to purchase

KAPOK KNOT currently has three purchasing methods.
① Immediate sale at online store ② Pre- order sale at online store ③ Purchase at store

①Sales at online store

This has been the mainstream sales method since the brand was established.
You can see a list of products from this link.

Our online store accepts not only various credit cards, but also
We also accept a wide range of payments, including bank transfers.
If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

② Advance reservation sale at online store
We have pre-order sales for each season.
At KAPOK KNOT, many items are made from dead stock or rare materials, and many items cannot be resold.

As there is a high possibility that these items will be sold out immediately,
Many products are available for pre-order.
Some products may be out of stock before they reach the stores, so
Please take a look at the information that is sent irregularly via email newsletter.

③Sales at stores

In September 2022, Kapok Knot's first permanent store opened in Shibuya MIYASHITA PARK.
Here you can actually touch Kapok Knot products.

The store does not require reservations, but if you make a reservation,
You can experience a workshop where you can learn more about the secrets of KAPOK.


About the role of each SNS

KAPOK KNOT uses Instagram, email newsletter, and LINE@.
I don't know which one to register for. . . For those who say,
We have organized the roles of each.

Visual, catalog role.
We will also be holding online fitting sessions and live streaming of interviews on Instagram.
We also deliver the latest information such as campaign information, so
This is recommended for those who are accustomed to using Instagram on a regular basis.

e-mail magazine
We distribute information that approaches KAPOK KNOT's commitment to manufacturing and brand story, such as the thoughts behind its products, interviews with customers, and event reports.
If you want to know more information, we recommend this.
*If you have not yet registered, you can do so from the bottom of this page.

Articles that have been introduced in the e-mail magazine so far are posted here.
Click here for the magazine.

For those who are tired of chasing SNS,
This LINE is recommended.
We will regularly send out new products and campaign information, so please take a look.

Finally, the thoughts behind the logo

The Kapok Knot logo is
I think it has a somewhat familiar shape.
In fact, the motif is Mizuhiki, which is used for celebrations.
Mizuhiki has the meaning of “lasting forever”.
The logo embodies Japaneseness and sustainability.
It embodies the idea of ​​being a brand that aims for a sustainable world, sent from Japan to the world.

What did you think.
Please try KAPOK KNOT once.