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Article: Enjoy the warmth of Kapok at our store. | HOT SAND LAB mm

Enjoy the warmth of Kapok at our store. | HOT SAND LAB mm

KAPOK KNOT makes ``dead stock blankets'' using leftover fabric sitting in the warehouses of long-established fabric stores.

This time, we spoke to ` `HOT ​​SAND LAB mm '' who uses this blanket in their stores. A hot sandwich shop located on the floor below the KAPOK KNOT Nihonbashi showroom (relocated in March). The hot sandwiches made in collaboration with long-established restaurants in Nihonbashi are exquisite.

We asked the store manager, Azuki Shokago , to talk about her impressions after using the blankets while also talking about the store's charm.


--How I started using blankets

The building called GROWND nihonbashi is where we and KAPOK KNOT are located. Because of the structure of the building, it gets very cold underfoot here. It was especially difficult in the middle of winter, and I tried to make the air conditioner circulate, but it was still cold. At that time, I asked Mr. Fukai (representative of KAPOK KNOT ), ``Are you sure you don't have blankets in your products?'', and he told me, ``They're making them right now!'' We talked about how it would be an opportunity for people living in the same building to introduce each other's products, so we decided to let them use it.


--Reactions after using the blanket

I always keep it within reach and hand it out to dine-in customers, saying, ``Please use it if your feet are cold.'' Since it has the KAPOK KNOT tag on it, many customers are interested in the material and think, ``This is made from the fruit of the kapok tree.''

Also, it is loved not only by our customers but also by our staff. I usually use it when I'm working in a shop. There are quite a few staff members who like the blankets and purchase KAPOK KNOT outerwear from them!

Try using it

--How we started HOT SAND LAB mm

The reason I opened this restaurant was because I wanted to create a restaurant that fuses the real world and the digital world. At mm , we offer a purchasing experience that combines real and digital experiences, such as ordering freely from your smartphone and purchasing ingredients used on the menu on the spot from an e-commerce site. I think it would be great to be a role model.

Also, it has a catchy concept: ``A former sushi restaurant opened a hot sandwich shop.'' GROWND nihonbashi was built using a former sushi restaurant building and a vacant lot, and I had a hunch that it would be something really interesting if they combined the interior of a sushi restaurant with hot sandwiches. .

How I started mm

-- HOT SAND LAB mm 's commitment

mm 's hot sandwiches are made with ingredients from all over the country and flavors from long-established stores in Nihonbashi. Since our menu is based on collaboration, we are particular about creating hot sandwiches that bring out the best in the ingredients, rather than just making what we want. We do this with the hope that by eating our hot sandwiches, we can help people learn about the ingredients and create an opportunity for them to want to visit the place where the ingredients are produced.

By the way, collaboration is often realized through connections with customers. We are connecting with various regions by thinking, ``I have a connection to this place, so why not try using these kinds of ingredients?'' In addition, when building connections with restaurants in Nihonbashi, we first visited the restaurant association to say hello. To be honest, I thought it would be difficult since there were so many long-established stores, but everyone seemed to think it was interesting and accepted the idea, and suggested various collaborations. There's an atmosphere of ``Let's all liven up Nihonbashi'' and it's really wonderful.

Speaking of connections, the use of KAPOK KNOT 's blankets is also a collaboration. I would also be happy if we could do something together.


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`` HOT ​​SAND LAB mm '' is a hot sandwich specialty store that offers original ingredients from long-established restaurants in Nihonbashi and food brands from all over the country, and is a restaurant where you can enjoy both the digital and the real world.

Address: GROWND nihonbashi 1F, 1-6-7 Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00 - 20:00
TEL: 070-8432-5624

shop information

< Would you like to try using Kapok knot blankets at your store?

Kapok Knot runs a program for restaurants and companies that allow deadstock blankets to be used in their stores.
Custom-made items can also include your store's original logo.

Please feel free to contact us even for a small number.