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Article: Staff's Favorite Items Vol.1 Kapok Down Balmakan Coat/Blue

Staff's Favorite Items Vol.1 Kapok Down Balmakan Coat/Blue

"Staff's Favorite Items" where we talk to staff who love KAPOK KNOT items. In this first installment, we asked Yamazumi, who is mainly in charge of SNS marketing, to talk about the appeal of the "Balmacan Coat (Blue)" and his thoughts on the item.

Staff favorite items 01

<Staff information>
・Name: Ryosuke Yamazumi
・Height: 175cm
・Product worn: Kapok down Balmakan coat-Men (blue)
・Wearing size: M
・Usage history: 6 months

--Why did you buy this coat?

It all started when we held an online meeting to unveil a new product. The moment I saw the photo, the blue of this Balmacan coat caught my was truly love at first sight.

While retaining the light and warm characteristics of kapok, the design is also smart and cool. I thought this blue was a color that was rarely seen in Japan, so I bought it as soon as it appeared on the online store. lol

Staff favorite items 02

--In what situations do you wear it?

I usually wear it almost every day when I go to work. It has a sleek silhouette and a design that is easy to use for business. Even if you wear a jacket inside, it won't look bulky, and the long length makes it look fashionable.

Staff favorite items 03

--What do you like about it?

It's the color after all. I really like this unusual blue color, and just wearing it makes me feel excited. The other thing is the shape of the collar. You can wear it with the collar up, so in the middle of winter or on cold mornings, just leave the collar up and button it up and you won't need a scarf. If you enter a slightly warm place such as a train or indoors, the front will open. It's helpful to know how to use it.

Staff favorite items 04

--What are your memories with Court?

I mentioned that I wear it to work, but I also wear it when I go out to play. I really wear it every day. It's an exquisite design that can be worn both at work and in private. So rather than having specific memories, this coat has been useful in all situations this winter.

Until now, I had never owned a coat that I wanted to wear every day, so finding one that I like so far is one of my favorite memories from this winter.

You can purchase our staff's favorite items here .