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Article: KAPOK KNOT and I vol.1 | Student intern Yuya Ibaraki

KAPOK KNOT and I vol.1 | Student intern Yuya Ibaraki

nice to meet you all!

This is Yuya Ibaraki.

 We have received the third baton for this project, which describes the thoughts of the staff involved in KAPOK KNOT.
I am a current student and an intern at KAPOK KNOT .
This time, I would like to tell you why I am involved in KAPOK KNOT.
We would appreciate it if you could learn about the thoughts of the KAPOK KNOT staff.

I'm nervous, but I'll show you who I am.


Currently, I am a student at Bunka Fashion College (Global Business Design Department). When you think of Bunka Fashion College, you may get the impression that it produces many designers, but I am a little different. We are not learning how to make clothes, but rather learning about various business planning, branding, and promotion while collaborating with companies. Utilizing my experience at school, I have interned at PR/marketing companies and production companies in addition to KAPOK KNOT, and I am also planning crowdfunding projects at the request of companies.

KAPOK KNOT supports creative, SNS, and in-store support.


[Behind the scenes of the apparel industry]

Do you know the term “ethical and sustainable”?

I didn't know anything about it until I was 21 years old. I learned this word from a lecture at school. It all started when I saw a movie called “The True Cost,” which focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the glamorous apparel industry.

Watch the movie and you will be shocked by the apparel industry. I learned about invisible problems such as the terrible working conditions at subcontracted factories and the amount of apparel being disposed of.

After that, I feel an urge to see the actual site. I actually visited a garment factory and Silk Island in Cambodia during my summer vacation that year. Also, in winter, I visited a sustainable brand's sewing workshop in Taiwan.

When I actually visited and interviewed them, I was able to learn about the reality, which was different from what I had imagined. I was especially impressed when I saw the smiles on the faces of the people who actually made the products.

Although I was able to learn about the actual situation, I was unable to create a business framework that would lead to solving problems. After that, I interviewed and visited many people to find a business framework.


[Encounter with KAPOK KNOT]

In February 2020, I met Kisho, the representative. I still remember making an appointment in advance and meeting her for the first time in Ebisu.

Up until now, I have looked at sustainable brands both domestically and internationally, but KAPOK KNOT has a passion and passion that is different from others. I joined KAPOK KNOT because of Kisho, the representative, and his feelings.


[ Involved in KAPOK KNOT ]

Although it has only been one year, I have made many memories of KAPOK KNOT.
When I host events, I meet so many people, talk to so many people, and see how impressed they are when they wear my clothes, which makes me really happy.
I also felt glad that I was involved when I exchanged contact information with a customer who made a purchase, and when they contacted me and said, "It arrived! It was a wonderful purchase!"


[What we want to achieve with KAPOK KNOT]

I am learning about D2C business frameworks every day at KAPOK KNOT.

What we want to achieve with KAPOK KNOT is ``to let as many people know the brand's thoughts and deliver our products.'' Apparel is currently facing many problems. We cannot suddenly change society. However, if each individual's consciousness changes, society can be changed.

KAPOK KNOT promotes social circulation and makes raw materials and sewing processes transparent. I think you can better understand social cycles by visiting websites, social media, and pop-up events. Please take a look.

We would appreciate it if you could at least know a little bit about what the staff at KAPOK KNOT are passionate about.

It's a bit long, but I would like to introduce why I became involved in KAPOK KNOT's activities and what I am thinking about when working on it. We will continue to disseminate KAPOK KNOT's thoughts and information so that we can continue to deliver it to everyone, so we appreciate your continued support.