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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~ Air Light Jacket ~

Thoughts put into the design ~ Air Light Jacket ~

Autumn and the end of the pandemic are approaching,
This is the season when we start to look forward to going out little by little.
As an outerwear that is light and warm and can handle sudden changes in weather,
I created a product called "Air Light Jacket".
This product was created through crowdfunding last year.
We received more than 15 million yen in support and continue to be used by many people.
It's a jacket.
Its lightness and warmth are so great that we have received comments such as ``I use it even in heavy snowfall areas with temperatures as low as -16℃.''
This time, we will introduce the characteristics of such an air light jacket.

What is Air Light Jacket?

Although it looks like a traditional down jacket,
The air light jacket I made this time is as light as one 500ml plastic bottle.
In the winter, we often freeze and our whole bodies become stiff.
So that you can be free from the stiff shoulders and fatigue caused by heavy clothing from autumn to early spring .
We paid particular attention to functionality.

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Design features

The “air light jacket” I made this time is
The design is as simple and sophisticated as possible.
It's so functional! In order to sing,
I decided not to compete on the number of pockets or the size of storage capacity .
Incorporating the necessary functions as minimally as possible,
Because it was important to our brand.

For example, the hood part. The beauty of the standing figure here is very good,
What I will touch on this time is the lining.
In fact, different fabrics are used for the lining of the body and the lining of the hood/pocket lining.
We use brushed fabric that is so soft that you can feel it when you touch it .
This is the part that touches your skin when you put on the hood , so the fabric has
We made a special effort to use different fabrics to give it a gentle feel.

Additionally, the women's version comes with an elastic waist adjustment.
This was not included in the original sample.
After the sample was completed, I asked a female acquaintance for feedback, and she gave me the following opinion.

"My clothes are less bulky! It's nice that my clothes don't feel bulky anymore!"

At this point, we thought, ``Maybe it's a little bulky...''

I wanted to somehow get rid of the bulky clothes,
We consulted with the designer and incorporated specifications for waist adjustment.
Because it has specifications that are not often found in conventional down jackets,
It took a lot of effort, but I managed to make it happen.

Image 3

Functional features

“Air Light Jacket” is, after all,
It is characterized by the warmth of down at only 500g .

It is less than half the weight of traditional heavy and thick coats.
How much is just 500g?
It's about the size of a 500ml plastic bottle or a 10-inch iPad.
Furthermore, we paid particular attention to its water-repellent function.
Conventional nylon fabric alone does not have this kind of water repellency, but
A special resin coating makes it water repellent, breathable and waterproof.

Image 4

Reason for releasing "Air Light Jacket" now

The reason why we are releasing the Air Light Jacket now is
“I want the world to become more valuing the connections between people.”
Because I thought.
In a world affected by infectious diseases,
In today's risk-filled world, eating out in large groups is less likely than before.
That's why we, Kapok Knot,
Get rid of the worries when going out in winter,
Easy to wear even when having a small party on the balcony.
I wanted to create a product that would warm both the mind and body of the person wearing it.

Image 5

Who was it made for?

``Air Light Jacket'' had a clear image of a person.
He is honest with himself, very curious, and has a strong core.
If you think about it, I'm loose with my time and don't waste time.
But even with all his flaws, he is the kind of friend who is loved by everyone around him .
He looked at the coat I made last year and said,

“I would definitely buy KAPOK KNOT’s more casual products!”

Based on those words, we spent a year planning and creating the product.
He wears this air light jacket,
I wanted to create a jacket that would be even more loved by those around me.


If you are interested in the Air Light Jacket, please take a look at the product page.

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Editor's note

We at KAPOK KNOT think this way. A worldview that allows you to value someone else's happiness as much as your own. I think it's a world where your own happiness is also valued by someone. Nothing would make me happier than if I could contribute even just a little bit to this world through the Air Light Jacket.