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Article: “Kapok knot styling course” ~ Collaboration event report with stylist Yumie Kazama ~

“Kapok knot styling course” ~ Collaboration event report with stylist Yumie Kazama ~

On January 30th, a love call from KAPOK KNOT led to a collaboration event with stylist Yumie Kazama.

This article presents a report of the Instagram Live that took place at the beginning of the event.

It was a valuable time for Mr. Kazama and KAPOK KNOT designer Kuniaki Manshio to talk about how to find outerwear that suits your style and preferences in a talk event format.

During the live performance, Kazama-san kept repeating the phrase "outerwear that can be worn even in spring." We'll be introducing plenty of patterns from the day, so if you're having trouble finding outerwear for this season, or if you're looking for outerwear that can be used until early spring, please take a look.

【table of contents】

■Kazama’s profile
■Opportunity for collaboration
■Directly told by Kazama! How to wear KAPOK KNOT
・Chester coat
・Poncho coat
・Down pants
・Quilted coat
・Kangaroo hoodie
・Balmacan coat
・Air light jacket
・Waistmark parka coat

Kazama’s profile

Stylist/Fashion Director Yumie Kazama


She has been featured in many women's fashion magazines, and in recent years has also been active as a botanical therapist and a medical phytotherapist certified by the French Society of Phytotherapy and Popular Medicine. At the online salon ``SALON_Y,'' we not only learn about the efficacy of plants, but also teach people how to incorporate them into their daily lives, while valuing a comprehensive understanding of plants, including the relationship between people and plants.

Opportunity for collaboration

Manshio) KAPOK KNOT is a brand that makes animal-free clothing using cotton from the kapok tree. I thought it would be possible to do something with stylists from the perspective of enjoying fashion while considering sustainability, so I approached Mr. Kazama this time. Kazama-san has always shared information about how to deal with plants, so I thought there was a strong affinity with her.


Kazama) I was happy to hear from you! I am currently working as a stylist and a plant therapist. Fashion gives us energy through what we wear, and plant therapy uses the power of plants to energize us. I think there is a common thread: people become more energetic. That's why KAPOK KNOT, which makes people feel better with clothes made from plants, is perfect for me.

I am attracted not only by its sustainable perspective, but also by its passion as a brand. We carefully consider the environment, the people working at the production area, and everything else in the process of getting our products to us. I think it's great that it's designed with a lot of attention paid to comfort and how your face looks.

Today, I would like to actually wear KAPOK KNOT's clothes and tell you about the characteristics and charm of each item.

Item introduction

■Chester coat <Product page>

Manshio) It's a Chester coat, so it has a structured silhouette, but the sizing allows it to be worn with dropped shoulders. Available in 4 sizes, S and M are for women, and L and XL are for men.


Kazama) This can be worn by the whole family, regardless of age or gender. The other day, I saw a female model wearing her husband's Chester coat oversized and it was really cute. So I think it's unisex as well.


Manshio) By the way, brown has a more expressive texture than other colors. This is the most classic looking design.

■Poncho coat <Product page>

Kazama) This coat is a collaboration product with the architect couple Makoto Tanijiri and Naoko Tanijiri. It's voluminous and looks great with just one piece. In my case, I like that even when I'm wearing yoga clothes, I can wear it over top.


Manshio) Naoko Tanijiri is an outdoor person herself, so it's important to use fabrics that don't get dirty easily. It has a water-repellent function, so you can survive even a little rain.


Kazama) Is it okay to ride a bicycle? That's exactly what Naoko says she can use when picking up her child.


(Manshio) If you tuck the cloth on the back of your coat under your butt, you can ride your bike without any problems.


Staff) We have been receiving questions about what kind of coordination goes with the greige poncho coat.

Kazama) It's cute to match it with all white. It's a calm color, so there aren't many colors that don't go well with it, but it's a bluish color, so I think it's a little difficult to match it with yellow. If it's a high-toned lemon yellow, it's fine. If you want to add a dark color, we recommend adding it to the bottom. Red, green, and purple skirts and pants also go well. That's right, there are pants that can be worn as a set with this, so I'll introduce them next.

■Down pants <Product page> Women Men

Kazama) This is recommended for people who are sensitive to cold. I'm sensitive to heat, but isn't it important for women to keep their lower bodies warm? I like the style of pairing these pants with a thin shirt and wrapping it with a scarf.


Manshio) There is elastic at the hem, so the wind won't get in. From the outside, it doesn't look like there's any rubber in it, so when you're wearing it, it looks like regular pants.


Kazama) There are also men's items, right? Is the shape different?

Manshio) Men's is tapered. Also, the number of pockets is different; both men and women have two pockets in the front , men have two pockets in the back, and women have one.

It also has switches on the knees, making it easy to squat. Pants with down in them will make you feel stuffy, but this is a thin kapok sheet so it doesn't feel stuffy.


Kazama) The shape of your butt also looks really beautiful.


Manshio) This is thanks to the pattern. Since the amount is properly measured at the buttocks, it makes you look slimmer and allows for easy movement.


Kazama) If you don't usually wear pants, we also have quilted skirts, so be sure to check them out!

*Quilted skirt<Product page>

■Quilted coat <Product page>

Kazama) The color is sharp and clear, so it's highly recommended for spring. I went out with just a thin blouse inside, but it was warm enough. You can wear it even in the middle of winter like now, and the material allows you to wear it until spring.

I tried wearing it in different ways, like wearing a belt around the waist, or wearing a white knitted hat for a monochrome look.


Staff) If you were Kazama-san, what size would you buy? I've been asked this question.


Kazama) If I were 158cm tall, I would want to wear M, which allows me to drop my shoulders and wear it loosely. If you want to wear a classic or conservative look, choose S. The modern one is M.

■Kangaroo hoodie <product page>

Kazama) Yesterday (January 29th), I wore this over short sleeves and had tea on the terrace, and it wasn't cold at all. By the way, my friend who was wearing a wool coat was shaking. It was warm on the train on the way home, but the train dissipates heat so it didn't get too hot and I was able to spend a comfortable time.


Manshio) The unique feature of this clothing is that you can wear it like a hoodie, but you don't need a coat over it.


Kazama) Also, the pockets are amazing. This hoodie is also a collaboration product with Mr. and Mrs. Tanijiri, and is packed with features designed by Makoto Tanijiri for fishing. You can fit anything into the large pocket on your stomach. I put disinfectant spray, lipstick, and even a large wallet in here, but it didn't change shape at all.


Staff) What kind of coordination do you recommend if you are about 155 cm tall? I've been getting questions.


Kazama) If you are up to 150cm tall, we recommend wearing it over a dress. If you're over 160cm, I think you'll look cute with pants and sneakers. You don't need a coat, you don't need a bag.


Manshio) By the way, the sleeves on this one can be removed. When I went fishing, I was told that touching the water was a nuisance.

Kazama) Short sleeves are cute too. Also, the fabric is soft and comfortable.

 ■Balmacan coat <Product page> Women Men

Kazama) Anyway, the color is beautiful, isn't it? For ladies, there are blue and pink. Brown is also nice for men.


Manshio) The back of the collar has a different color, making it a focal point.

Kazama) The sizes are clearly divided into S, M, and L, so I think you can find the size you like. It's a tight fit, so if you're short but have a somewhat glamorous figure, M might be a good choice. The silhouette is so sleek, it's hard to believe that it's as warm as down. It just looks like she's wearing a spring coat.

■Air Light Jacket <Product Page> Women Men

Kazama) This jacket weighs only 500 grams! It's so light that you want to say, "Am I wearing a jacket right now?"

The shapes are different for men and women, and the women's ones can be tightened at the waist. Tightening it makes it look dressy.

Manshio) It is wind resistant and water repellent, so you can also wear it while riding a motorcycle.


Kazama) The other day, I got excited because I was talking about how I could go snowboarding with this (lol).


Manshio) Not only is the kapok warm, but the fabric inside the pockets and on the back of the hood is also brushed, so all parts that come into contact with your skin are warm.


■Waist mark parka coat <Product page>

Manshio) This is a new coat released on January 27th. This is an updated version of the popular "Tight Parka Coat" that sold out early this season.


Kazama) The shape is just beautiful. It is the most luxurious of all the items and has a high-class feel. I think it's convenient because you can determine the shape just by wearing it.


Manshio) The hood is also removable.


Kazama) You can wear it all the time, regardless of the era. If you are thinking about buying a coat this season, we recommend you do so without hesitation!


How was that.

As Kazama-san mentioned, there are many KAPOK KNOT items that can be worn until early spring. If you are looking for a spring coat that you can wear not only during this still cold season, but also until early spring, please take a look at our product page.

If you would like to try it on first, please come to our showroom in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. I would like to welcome everyone!

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