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Article: Thoughts behind the Nihonbashi showroom “Farm to Fashion Base”

Thoughts behind the Nihonbashi showroom “Farm to Fashion Base”

Early January marks the start of a new year and makes you want to start something new.

How are you all doing?

This time, as a New Year's greeting, we would like to introduce the thoughts behind KAPOK KNOT's Nihonbashi showroom, "Farm to Fashion Base." This is a reservation-only showroom that opened in October last year and will only be available for a limited time until March of this year. We created it from scratch with our own hands, not only to try on the items, but also to experience the worldview that KAPOK KNOT values.

In this article, store manager Haruna Suda will introduce you to the hands-on experience that you can experience in such a showroom and the commitment to creating the space.

A unique showroom experience


When you think of a showroom, you probably imagine a space where products are displayed.
Indeed, "Farm to Fashion Base" also has KAPOK KNOT's full lineup for fall/winter 2021, so you can try on all the products you are interested in.

However, the biggest feature of this showroom is the system that allows visitors to relive KAPOK KNOT's concept of " Farm to Fashion ." What kind of people are involved in making KAPOK KNOT's clothes, such as farmers who grow the raw material kapok, sewing factories, and designers, and what is the process behind making them?
You can get a feel for the behind-the-scenes aspects of manufacturing through panel exhibits, videos, and direct explanations from staff. That's an experience you can only have at this showroom.

We have panels and videos that will help you understand the flow of KAPOK KNOT's clothing making process.

We also offer kapok nuts and actual cotton, so you can experience the original warmth and lightness of the materials. Many people are surprised at how light it is when they touch it!

I would like to carefully explain the areas of concern to each customer, so I ask for reservations in advance and take care of each customer one by one. Our staff will answer everything from the designer's commitment to the interestingness of kapok as a material, to its specific functions!

You can also touch the kapok fruit, cotton, and processed kapok sheets.

If you try on a product at our showroom, you can order and have it delivered on the spot. At that time, you can use the address and other information you received when making your showroom reservation, so there is no need to write out a delivery slip and you can make a smooth purchase.

Creating a space with sustainability in mind

This showroom is a store that thoroughly pursues sustainability. We were particular about choosing the property in the first place, and we are renting an ``idle real estate'' building that is scheduled for demolition. Therefore, it is only open for a limited time until March of this year.
KAPOK KNOT has always been particular about opening showrooms in spaces that are difficult to utilize.

The fixtures used in the room are also selected with the concept of ``long-term use.'' We have been using hanger racks made of driftwood since last season's showroom.
Additionally, the pipe fixtures decorating the exhibition panels were designed to be able to be disassembled and reassembled freely so that they can be used in other locations in the future.

Assembled pipe fixtures. We also painted it pink ourselves.

This space was completed thanks to the cooperation of many people who shared our desire to create a sustainable store. The white paint used on the walls was originally intended to be discarded at the construction site, but was provided by an interior design contractor. This is a space filled with the thoughts of many people about sustainability.

As a base of exchange for people with common values

The goal of the KAPOK KNOT showroom is to become "a hub for interaction between brands and people aiming for a sustainable future." In addition to customer service for each group, we also hold regular events. The other day, we held a screening of a film about environmental issues, which was attended by many people.

A photo after the event. Many people with the same awareness of issues gathered and it was a great success!

Events provide opportunities for wonderful encounters. The beach clean event (*) that KAPOK KNOT is scheduled for January 15th was made possible in collaboration with an environmental organization called "NAMIMATI", which came to our past showroom event.

We would like to continue to hold events that will lead to a sustainable future together with the people we have connected with through our showroom.

* This is a KAPOK KNOT x NAMIMATI Beach Clean Vegan Lunch event. If you are interested, please apply below.



We created this showroom because we want to deliver the worldview that the brand values ​​to everyone who has come to know KAPOK KNOT.


I believe that purchasing online is a completely different experience from actually seeing, touching, and purchasing through customer service in a store. It's great to be able to buy clothes because you like the way they look, but if you understand the background behind how the clothes were made before you buy them, your attachment to them and the way you interact with them will change.


Some of our customers are comparing and considering multiple brands of winter clothing. We are very happy when such customers come into contact with the KAPOK KNOT concept at our showroom and choose us because they want to support us.


By visiting our showroom, we hope to create an opportunity for customers to encounter clothes that they will cherish and cherish forever. So, if you have even the slightest interest in KAPOK KNOT, I would appreciate it if you could come and visit us at least once. All the staff are waiting for you!


【store information】

"Farm to Fashion Base"
Address: 1st floor, Miyanaga Building, 1-10-1 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Access: 2 minutes walk from Mitsukoshimae Station A1 exit
Business hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:30-17:30 (last entry at 17:00)


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