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About repairs

At KAPOK KNOT, we promote clothing repair so that you can use your clothes with care for a long time.
Instead of throwing away items with frayed, torn, or broken items, why not repair them with care and use them?

KAPOK KNOT products can be repaired at the clothing repair shop "Annette".
If you make a request using the repair reception form, we will come to pick up the product that requires repair.

*KAPOK KNOT does not accept inquiries regarding repairs, including whether or not repairs are possible. Please contact Annette directly.

[Annette repair reception form]

If you open the link above and scroll to the center, you will find the "Clothing Repair Order Form".
Please fill out this form and send.

*Please be sure to write "Reception: KAPOK KNOT" in the correction field.

[Repair process]

When you place an order from Annette, a Kuroneko Yamato driver will come to pick up the clothes you want to alter on the specified date and time.

Please seal your clothes in a cardboard box or bag.
There is no need to fill out the invoice.

After checking the item, we will contact you via email with an estimate of the repair cost.
Once you are satisfied with the price, please make the payment and once we have confirmed the payment, we will begin the repair.
Once finished, we will send it to your home via courier.

【Price list】

Please see the prices in the file below. Please note that the price may differ from the price list depending on the product and condition. For repairs that are not listed in the price list, please request a quote using the reception form.

[Delivery date example]
Delivery times may be delayed during busy periods. Please note that this is only a guideline. Also, the delivery date may change depending on the repair details and product condition.
Pants/skirt length shortening 1 week~
Jacket/Coat Sleeve length 18 days~
Jacket/Coat Shoulder width 21st~

[What is Annette]

Annette is an online clothing alteration service that you can order from anywhere in the country.

We accept everything from small alterations, such as adding buttons and repairs, to major alterations, such as adjusting the size to suit changes in body shape and modifying the silhouette to change the design. Alterations are carried out at the workshop in charge of sewing at Ancoton (physical store). We have a team of experienced veterans, so you can leave it to us with confidence.

The procedure is simple. Please fill in the necessary information on the order form and we will send you an email requesting information on the price. We will pick up your item at your front door and deliver it to your home after it has been repaired.