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Gown Dress: Half Sleeve - Unisex

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A cool one-piece outerwear that makes traveling in the rain light.

A short-sleeved dress made of water-repellent material.

It incorporates outerwear details such as the tabs on the collar, and can also be used as a thin layer. The waist can be adjusted with buttons, and you can wear it tightly for a dressy look, or leave it cinched for a casual look.

This is a must-have item for travel, as it can be used as rain gear, outerwear, or a dress.

*Terracotta and beige only (nylon recycled from textile waste)


Lining: None

Transparency: None

Elasticity: None

Fabric thickness: normal

Washing: Hand washable


*The color of the displayed image may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your monitor or browser.

*The model image is wearing a sample.

*The fabric image is closer to the color of the official product.

  • アニマルフリー(文字入り
  • 水洗い可能(文字入り)
  • 撥水
  • リサイクル素材(文字入り)
Gown Dress: Half Sleeve - Unisex
Gown Dress: Half Sleeve - Unisex Sale price¥32,000

Water-repellent fabric keeps you stylish even on rainy days

Although it has a water-repellent function, it does not have the luster characteristic of rain goods, so it can be worn regardless of the weather.

*"Terracotta" and "Beige" are made of water-repellent recycled nylon, and "Black" is made of environmentally friendly fluorine-free water-repellent nylon fabric.

A dress that looks great as an outerwear

You can wear it by itself, or open the zipper and use it as an outerwear. The fabric is firm and used for coats, so it looks great when worn as a jacket.

Waist diaphragm adjustable in 3 levels with buttons

Three buttons on both sides of the waist. Depending on where you stop, you can adjust the aperture to your liking.
The buttons are made of a high-quality material with low gloss. Buttons scattered around the collar and waist add an accent.

Moderate sleeve length that covers up to the elbows.

Even though it's short-sleeved, the sleeves are long enough to cover up to the elbows, so you don't have to worry about your arms being exposed. The cuffs are wide so you can stay cool even in the middle of summer.

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