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Eco cardboard knit: pullover

Sale price¥19,800
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A mature and chic sweatshirt that never forgets elegance.

A pullover made of sweatshirt material with a distinctive sailor color.

We recommend wearing it alone or layering it with a T-shirt with the collar open.

It uses a firm "cardboard knit" fabric made from recycled polyester, and is characterized by its high quality and wrinkle-resistant texture.

A perfect item for an adult holiday, where you can incorporate casual elements while wearing elegance.

We also recommend wearing a set from the same series.

Eco cardboard knit: slacks

Lining: None

Transparency: None

Elasticity: Yes

Fabric thickness: normal

Washing: Hand washable


*The color of the displayed image may differ slightly from the actual product depending on your monitor or browser.

*The model image is wearing a sample.

*The fabric image is closer to the color of the official product.

  • アニマルフリー(文字入り
  • 水洗い可能(文字入り)
  • リサイクル素材(文字入り)
Eco cardboard knit: pullover
Eco cardboard knit: pullover Sale price¥19,800

Chic and firm “cardboard knit”

This knit fabric gets its name because its cross section looks like cardboard. It is a high-quality material that has a firm and glossy feel due to the hollow structure inside.

Color design that looks modern

By making the collar a sailor collar, it creates a mature and elegant atmosphere.

We also recommend layering it with a T-shirt or turtleneck.

Outer details such as slits

Thanks to the slits on the sides, it offers great freedom of movement.

An item that incorporates the characteristics of outerwear and can also be used as a jacket.

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