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Giza cotton pocket blouse T-shirt

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A modern pocket T-shirt for adults

An over-silhouette T-shirt with two eye-catching pockets on the chest. A modern design with large squares that look like geometric patterns. The buttons on the back collar make it look like a blouse, giving it an elegant back look. Giza cotton is a material that is both smooth to the touch and strong, and is comfortable to wear and can be worn for a long time.

  • アニマルフリー(文字入り
  • 水洗い可能(文字入り)
  • 接触冷感(文字入り)
  • 吸水速乾(文字入り)
Giza cotton pocket blouse T-shirt
Giza cotton pocket blouse T-shirt Sale price¥18,000

“Giza Cotton” has both texture and strength

Giza cotton, which is said to be a super long fiber, is characterized by its smooth and skin-friendly texture.

It's firm and doesn't wrinkle easily, so you can wear it for a long time.

Large pockets with a modern feel

Large square pocket.

By adding geometric details to a casual T-shirt,

Creates a modern atmosphere.

Details on the back of the blouse

With three buttons on the back,

The design makes it look like you're wearing a blouse when viewed from the back.

A T-shirt for adults that exudes elegance.

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