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Article: Why are air light jackets so popular?

Why are air light jackets so popular?

Since its debut in 2020, it has been loved as an unwaveringly popular product.

The warmth of down at only 500g. ``Air Light Jacket'' has an airy atmosphere that can be worn in any season.

It has been four years since the brand was launched. The Air Light Jacket is a staple item that has been loved by KAPOK KNOT ever since the brand was first launched. We have explained why the Air Light Jacket can be worn all year round and why it has become so popular, including the opinions of our customers.

1. Features of Air Light Jacket

One of the reasons why air light jackets are so popular is because of their functionality and good design.

We have analyzed the features of the Air Light Jacket, which does not compromise on functionality or design.

Water resistance 20 times that of an umbrella! Plant-derived coating provides water repellency that can be used in all weather conditions.
The zipper covers the neck, so you don't need a scarf even in the cold winter. The hood also covers your head in case of sudden rain or cold days.
The convenient zippered pockets mean you can put small items such as your smartphone or wallet in them without having to worry about them falling out.
The KAPOK KNOT logo is visible from the outside on the left arm.

Water resistance 20 times that of an umbrella!

Special coating allows use in all weather conditions

When conventional down gets wet in the rain,
If you don't let it dry for a day or two, the feathers will become dull.
The ability to withstand the cold will be significantly reduced.

However, the kapok knot jacket
Special 4-layer structure prevents rain from staining ,
Because it repels water droplets with 20 times the water pressure of an umbrella,
This allows you to maintain your ability to withstand the cold .

▶︎ Sheet made from Kapok cotton using special technology

2. Light and warm

- No problem with the warmth of spring even on snowy mountains -

``Air Light Jacket'' that allows you to adjust your temperature according to the climate

[Moisture absorption heat generation effect]
The hollow fibers are the secret to its lightness. When it's cold, it absorbs moisture and generates heat. When it's hot, it releases moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.
The brand name is "Kapok."
We use a special processing technique to turn kapok into sheets and use them as filling.

・Conventional down jacket
- Approx. 800g - 1kg
・KAPOK KNOT Airlite Jacket - approx. 500g

It's far lighter than conventional down jackets . It's as light as a plastic bottle!
So how warm is this...?
It's obvious that KAPOK KNOT products are just as warm as down !

Extremely light! Approximately 1/8 the weight of cotton

This ethical down kapok™ is light and warm . Kapok fiber is hollow inside and is said to be 1/8th the weight of cotton .

please look!
This fluffy kapok cotton! ! !

This lightness is what makes a 500g jacket possible .

It's warm anyway! Kapok, down that grows into trees

Because kapok is derived from plants , it " breathes " unlike the synthetic polyester fiber.

It has a hygroscopic and heat generating function that absorbs moisture and becomes warm , making it both light and warm.

Because of these characteristics, kapok is also called ``tree down'' and ``white silk cotton.''
Ethical Down Kapok™ is made by mixing this kapok with recycled polyester and processing it into a sheet.

We would like to introduce some of the comments from customers who love our Air Light Jacket.

The Airlite Jacket is a lightweight piece.

What do you think about the reason why the Air Light Jacket is so popular?

The lightness of kapok is due to the ethical down kapok™ developed by KAPOK KNOT.
Introducing the Air Light Jacket, which offers the warmth of down at just 500g.

An item that is easy to wear not only in winter, but also in early spring and autumn.
Please use it for a long time by matching it with various coordination regardless of the season!