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Article: Start a comfortable and high-quality new life with KAPOK KNOT.

Start a comfortable and high-quality new life with KAPOK KNOT.

When you go out into the city, the trees and flowers that were waiting to bloom will begin to bud, making you feel lighter in both your fashion and your heart. These days , we can feel the transition to a new season that has finally arrived .

When spring comes, a new life begins for everyone, including living in a new place, a new workplace, and changes in work and friends.
This time, we would like to introduce KAPOK KNOT items that will brighten up your new life and prepare your body and mind as soon as possible.

"More than a futon, it's a big piece of clothing that coordinates your room" KAPOK Sleep Ket

A comfortable futon with a sophisticated design.
In other words, "rather than a futon, it's a big piece of clothing that coordinates the room."
KAPOK Sleep Ket is not just a futon or a blanket, it is a bedding item that focuses on the comfort of ``wearing yourself'' that only a fashion brand can offer.

By wearing it like clothes, it has a dignified interior feel, an exquisite texture that makes your skin feel like it's asleep, and functionality that expands your life with a variety of uses.

Since it is reversible, you can coordinate it to match your mood that day or the makeover of your room. We carefully select colors and materials that make you feel comfortable.

In addition, since the KAPOK Sleep Ket is a single size, it can be used by yourself, or for a slightly more elegant time at home with your loved ones.You can enjoy the reversible color by combining two pieces of the same color, or use two pieces of the same color next to each other. It is also recommended that you do so.

KAPOK Sleep Ket is a popular product, and there are only a few left in each color.
If you are interested, please hurry.

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“Wrap yourself in kapok while working at home” Wearable Blanket

Wearable Blanket is a further update of KAPOK KNOT's popular blanket, focusing on the "wearable" aspects of a fashion brand.
Whether you're doing housework on a chilly morning or reading at night when you're worried about the water getting cold, the Wearable Blanket will keep you warm with the power of kapok.

Wearable Blanket is available in two types to suit your lifestyle.

``Wearable Blanket -skirt-'' is perfect for working while sitting or on days when the stomach area gets a little cold.
"Wearable Blanket -gilet-" wraps your entire body by putting your arms through it like a gilet.

By being able to wrap yourself warmly at home without having to put up with the slight chill, you can warm your heart and enjoy a higher quality of life while at home.

Click here for product details of “Wearable Blanket -skirt-”

Click here for product details of “Wearable Blanket -gilet-”


“Day-use belongings that will brighten up your new life” tote bag

One way to freshen up your mind and replace the day-use items you wear every day with new items is to freshen your mind.
KAPOK KNOT's `` Tote Bag -Long '' is sized to hold A4 size paper and even a PC. Perfect for working at a cafe on holidays, going out, or on workdays when you can move with less luggage.
The material is matte and has a high quality feel, and despite its appearance, this tote bag is soft to the touch and light. The bag's cushions are made from kapok cotton, a sustainable material derived from tree nuts.

There are three tote bag shapes to choose from, and two colors : black and greige, which are easy to use regardless of the occasion or gender .

Tote bag-Large ” is The belt-like design tab allows you to carry it over your shoulder, making it a great travel companion.
In addition, KAPOK KNOT's tote bags are made of environmentally friendly faux leather. If you make choices that are not only kind to yourself, but also kind to others, you will feel richer.

Color your fresh new life with a KAPOK KNOT tote bag.

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These products will be available in stores until Sunday, March 24th. You can try it.
We have some in stock, so if you are interested, please come to MIYASHITA PARK STORE in Shibuya.

◾️Store information
MIYASHITA PARK South 2F, 6-20-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001

The days of a new life are filled with excitement as new things begin, and at the same time, there are days when you feel uneasy and restless in an unfamiliar environment.
Enjoy a high-quality and comforting new life with KAPOK KNOT items that will comfortably envelop you at any time .