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Article: A blanket is a must-have item for spring outings that you can enjoy alone.

A blanket is a must-have item for spring outings that you can enjoy alone.

With the arrival of spring, it's the season when you want to go to destinations you've been waiting for until the weather gets warmer and enjoy some alone time.
However, when you go out during this time of year when the weather is still chilly, a blanket that is easy to carry will come in handy.

You can hang it on your lap or spread it out on the lawn instead of a leisure seat. It has a heart-warming spring color and is filled with light and warm kapok.

Perfect for this season. Introducing Flying Blanket .

As a substitute for leisure sheets

In Japan, plastic leisure sheets are often spread out during picnics, but in other countries, blankets are often spread out directly on the lawn.

KAPOK KNOT blankets are washable, so if they get dirty, you can easily clean them at home. At 68cm x 100cm, it is the perfect size for one person to sit on.

Please experience the comfort of sitting on a blanket spread directly on the grass instead of on a cold leisure seat.

As a lap blanket on the go

Of course, it can also be used as a lap blanket.
The cute modern quilting stitches have a plant motif, and the cute design will make you feel good even when you're out and about.

This blanket is perfect for those occasions when you want to take a break outside.

Also, this shirt that can be worn like a dress is KAPOK KNTO's spring/summer product ``Stand Collar Gown Dress: Striped'' .
The shirt style that flutters in the spring breeze gives off a dignified atmosphere and is perfect for going out alone.

Special materials that can be used even by babies

The outer material is made in India, and the lining is made in Turkey, which faces the Aegean Sea. Made with luxurious organic cotton. Inside is a sheet of kapok, making it a light yet warm blanket.
In addition, all the fabrics used in Flying Blanket are non-formalin-free, so they can be safely used by babies.

A stylish blanket that can be placed inside your home without disturbing the interior decor, making your room colorful, and a great item to choose as a gift for your baby.

There are 4 color variations. Why not enjoy a spring outing by yourself with a heart-warming spring-colored blanket in hand?

Here are the items we introduced

Flying Blanket (all 4 colors)

Stand collar gown dress: Striped-Unisex
*Model height: 159cm/wearing size M