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Article: Thoughts behind the design - Introducing outerwear that can be used in business situations 2 -

Thoughts behind the design - Introducing outerwear that can be used in business situations 2 -

This weekend is Christmas and New Year's mood.
The speed of time passing by is getting faster and faster every year.

Well, it has been well received since the year before last.
"Thoughts put into the design."

A classic outerwear that has been loved by KAPOK KNOT fans for many years.
Above all, I am looking forward to the new year's business scene.
No compromises on appearance, coldness, or design
Recommended outerwear for businessmen
We will deliver it over two days.

Yesterday was “Balmacan Court”
We focused on the "Quilted Jacket" and introduced it.
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① Chester coat
② Check Chester coat
We would like to introduce you to

<Table of contents>

・Reason for making Chester coat

・Design/functional features

①Chester coat

②Check Chester coat

・Chester coat that you want to wear in these situations

・Checked Chester coat that you want to wear in these situations

<Reason for making Chester coat>

-What exactly is a “Chester coat”?

A chester coat is a coat that is about knee-length.
The official name is "Chesterfield Court".
The name of the Earl of Chesterfield, first worn in the 19th century.
It is said to originate from.

Gives a classic and elegant look
Of course, it goes well with suit style,
Can be worn in a casual style,
It is popular as a coat suitable for any occasion.

-“Chester coat” created by a new interpretation of KAPOK KNOT

Filled with a thin and warm kapok sheet,
KAPOK KNOT's Chester coat is produced by
Not only does it look stylish,
It also has the functionality of being as warm as down.

kapok seat and chester coat
By multiplying
Put up with the cold in business situations
For those who wear stylish coats,
We have created an outerwear that you would definitely want to wear.

- New arrival in 22AW “Checked Chester Coat”

And as a 2022 AW product

Introducing the new "Checked Chester Coat".

At that time, patterned items were rare at KAPOK KNOT,
The bold and bright plaid pattern catches the eye,
A piece that will accent your outfit.


<Design/functional features>
・Chester coat
~ An outerwear that is both classic and casual ~


①Fusion of classical design and functionality

The classic feel of the Chester coat is largely due to:
After all, the collar determines the impression.

It is characterized by a large structured collar,
This outerwear is suitable when you want to give a formal impression.

It is made with a slightly loose silhouette, so
It gives off a casual and classic feel.

②Two types of material variations to choose from depending on the impression you want to give

Chester coats are made of different materials depending on the color, so
We recommend choosing colors depending on the impression you want to give.

Sharkskin is used for gray and camel.
“Sharkskin”, as the name suggests, refers to a fabric that resembles the skin of a shark.

With a smooth and dry texture of fine weave,
It has a glossy feel and creates a high-quality texture for adults.

On the other hand, the blue and navy “herringbone”
Using wool-like polyester,
The image is a worsted coat.

Not scratchy like real wool,
It has a high quality feel and is comfortable to wear.

In addition, both materials have a suitable thickness, so
For formal occasions such as suits and shirts
This is an item that you will want to match.

③ Highly versatile and makes a great gift

Since the Chester coat was released
Highly popular among men and women of all ages,
A KAPOK KNOT standard item that is loved by many users.

As it is a unisex item,
It can be worn by a couple, or by parents and children or siblings.
It is a highly versatile outerwear that can be rented or borrowed.

We also recommend it as a gift item.

・Check Chester coat
~ A heartwarming Chester coat that can be used both on and off~

① Achieve the “just right” coat length you wanted

The basic shape is unchanged from the Chester coat,
A checkered Chester coat designed with a slightly longer length.

For example, when comparing size M,
The length of the chester coat is 103cm
The length of the check Chester coat is 115cm.

All sizes, better than Chester coat
We are making the length 12cm longer.

The length is between ankle length and knee length.
Easy to match with both beautiful and casual styles
It is gaining popularity due to its exquisite length.

② An overwhelming presence that is different from those around you

The design features of the check Chester coat are:
After all, this large checkered pattern has a strong presence.

The way the colors are matched is also brand new.
Yellow has brown and blue lines,
Navy has red and white lines,
A patterned outerwear that will make you stand out from the people around you.

<Chester coat you want to wear in these situations>

・As an outerwear for business scenes

Only 5mm thin and light
Wearing outerwear does not put a burden on your body,
Perfect for business situations where you need to carry heavy luggage.

You can move smartly even on crowded trains,
You can carry it around without adding bulk to your business meetings.

・As an outerwear for viewing art on holidays.

On days when I appreciate art, I put a little more energy into it.
You want to go out in more beautiful clothes than usual.

While there are many scenes where outerwear is taken off and put on,
KAPOK KNOT's Chester coat is thin and light.
It is not bulky, so it is not a burden to carry.
You can enjoy your holidays more comfortably.

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Chester coat - UNISEX

<Checked Chester coat that you want to wear in these situations>

・For casual meetings

Work days without meeting with business partners
A small meeting at a cafe, etc.
For a more casual work style than usual.

A heart-warming large plaid pattern
When you wear a checkered chester coat
There is no doubt that you will feel more motivated at work.


・For fashion when going out to photogenic spots

On the day when you take a lot of photos,

Wear outerwear that stands out more than usual
You want to go out.

KAPOK KNOT's checkered Chester coat
Because it incorporates a pattern that is difficult to overlap with the people around you,
You can enjoy coordinating your own style.

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Check Chester coat - UNISEX

The KAPOK KNOT outerwear introduced this time is
your business scene, and
We hope this will be the perfect outfit for your holiday outings.

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Chester coat - UNISEX
Check Chester coat - UNISEX