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Article: Thoughts behind the design - Introducing outerwear that can be used in business situations 1 -

Thoughts behind the design - Introducing outerwear that can be used in business situations 1 -

There are less than 10 days left in December,
The new year is finally approaching.
It has been well received since the year before last.
"Thoughts put into the design."
This time we will be introducing a classic outerwear that has been loved by KAPOK KNOT fans for many years.
In particular, we will be introducing four types of outerwear over two days that are recommended for businessmen who look forward to the New Year's business scene and do not compromise on appearance, cold weather, or design .

Today we will introduce:
Two classic pieces of outerwear for business occasions
① Balmacan coat
② Quilted jacket
We would like to introduce you to the following.

<Table of contents>
balmacan coat
・Reason for creating Balmacan coat
・Design and functional features ~Classic details that will be loved for many years~
・Balmacan coat that you would like to wear in these situations
quilted jacket
・Reason for making a quilted jacket
・Design/Functional Features ~Lightness and warmth unique to quilting~
・Quilted jacket that you would like to wear in these situations
① Balmacan coat

<Reasons for creating Balmacan coat>
-What exactly is "Balmakan"?

The name Balmacan Court itself is
I think many people have heard of it.
"Balmacan" is a name from the Balmacan region of Scotland, UK.
It is said to be derived from a place name and was born in a cold region of Scotland.
A warm coat is called a "barmakan".
However, in Japan, a similar coat is used.
It is commonly referred to as a "stainless collar coat."

It's Japanese English, so apparently it doesn't get across overseas...

-“Balmacan coat” created by a new interpretation of KAPOK KNOT
"Stencil Collar Coat" is also KAPOK KNOT's debut product.
With a new interpretation of “classic style and the warmth of down”,
This is a super standard product that started selling from winter 2020.
It becomes " Balmacan coat ".
<Design/functional features>
~ Classic details that will be loved for many years ~
Elegant and sophisticated balmacan coat with chin warmer
KAPOK KNOT's Balmacan coat,
As a feature of the classic design that creates an adult atmosphere,
One thing to mention is the chin warmer at the collar.
Chin means "chin" and warmer means "something that warms".
It refers to the fabric part that covers the chin.
Also, this Balmacan coat, the back of the chin warmer and
The use of accent colors on the collar gives KAPOK KNOT a sense of fun.
Depending on your mood, you can wear a chin warmer and enjoy fashion that shows off the color.
Of course, it is an outerwear that protects you from the cold, and does not compromise on design or functionality.
② Water repellent function makes it safe even on rainy days.
The outer fabric of the Balmacan coat uses water-repellent properties, so
Without compromising the design, even for business situations on rainy days,
A balmacan coat that can be worn smartly.

Feel free to use it even in outdoor situations.
③Easy to wash at home
Because it is an outerwear for everyday business situations,
The big point is that you can easily take care of it at home.

All Kapok Knot products can be made at home.

Being able to take care of your clothes easily means that you can wear them with care for a long time.
KAPOK KNOT is thinking.
<Balmacan coat that you want to wear in these situations>
・As an outerwear for business scenes

It's only 5mm thin and light, so wearing an outer layer won't put a strain on your body, making it perfect for business situations where you're carrying around heavy luggage.

You can move smartly even on crowded trains,
You can carry it around without adding bulk to your business meetings.
・For going out to the city center on holidays
When going out to the city center on a holiday, wear sporty pants and sneakers.
It fits well with any style, and with the characteristic thinness and lightness of Kapok, it's a piece you can enjoy on a light holiday outing.

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②Quilted jacket

<Reason for making a quilted jacket>
-What exactly is "quilting"?

Quilting is used for purposes such as heat retention, protection, and decoration.
Sandwich a cotton or wool core between two pieces of cloth and insert it over the outer cloth.
Refers to things or techniques held down with stitches.

It has a long history and is a standard item for cold protection.
Used for cold protection and rugs in Egypt, Russia, China, etc.
It is said that it was used.

-“Quilted jacket” created by a new interpretation of KAPOK KNOT
Because the kapok sheet itself is a very thin and light material,
KAPOK KNOT's quilted jacket is very compact.
It also has the warmth of a down jacket .

In addition, where conventional armholes tend to be stiff,
Pursuing how comfortable it can be, we devised patterns.
After repeated trial and error with craftsmen,
We have succeeded in establishing a pattern where hardness is not an issue.

As a pair coordination suggestion,
Pair it with a quilted coat , which is popular among women.
The idea is for two people to have fun blending into the city and connecting with each other.

<Design/functional features>
~ Thinness and warmth unique to quilting ~
①Use heavy corduroy fabric as a focal point
As a design accent that stands out in quilting patterns
Heavy-duty corduroy fabric is used for the collar and pockets.
Coordination that looks like winter from the appearance design
This is a piece that you can enjoy.
②Quilting design makes it even thinner and warmer
The quilting material is made by sewing together 5mm kapok sheet and fabric.
Even compared to other KAPOK KNOT products,
More “thinness” and of course kapok
This outerwear will give you a sense of warmth.
③A jacket outerwear that is useful for both on and off occasions.

If you wear thick outerwear, it will be bulky.
Storage after the off-season is also a problem.

KAPOK KNOT's thin and light outerwear
It has many benefits as it is easy to store and carry.

Also available for business and private use.
Rather than having multiple outerwear, it's better to have one piece that can be worn in a variety of situations.
As you gradually become more attached to your outerwear, you will spend less time worrying about outerwear.
Make smart choices.
A quilted jacket that you want to wear in these situations
・A casual and mature look that goes well with business situations.
The quilting material does not look too structured,
Perfect for business situations with a casual and mature atmosphere.
You can wear it warmly and smartly just by putting it on lightly.

It's a jacket type so it doesn't get in the way in a taxi.
I'm glad it doesn't happen.

・For going out with children on holidays
Because it's a holiday spent with active children,
Thin and light outerwear that allows you to move easily is very useful.

You can wash it at home too
Even if you wear it in the park or outdoors
After that, you can easily take care of it at home.

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The KAPOK KNOT outerwear introduced today is
Your business scene
May it brighten up your holiday outings.

KAPOK KNOT outerwear that can be worn in business situations
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