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Article: Special feature on “Summer spent at home” where you can relax your mind and body

Special feature on “Summer spent at home” where you can relax your mind and body

The end of the rainy season has been announced, and summer has officially begun. Many people may already be feeling unsafe due to the abnormal heat this summer...

In fact, temperatures from July to September this year are expected to be higher than normal. Due to the La Niña phenomenon (a phenomenon in which sea surface temperatures in the south of Japan rise) that continued into this winter, it is said that the heat wave above normal will continue in eastern and western Japan .

For those who want to spend more time at home this summer to stay in shape.

Introducing HOME items that will soothe your mind and body .
We also have coordination videos, so please watch until the end!

Light and easy to move, yet modern design

"Eco cardboard knit" series

The material used is a fabric called ``cardboard knit,'' which is made by knitting recycled polyester threads derived from plastic bottles.

There is a cavity between the outer material and the lining, which makes it lightweight despite its thick appearance . It also has stretch properties , which is useful when doing housework, training, or other physical activities.

In addition, the pockets and collar have been designed to look modern. It's also perfect for when you're inviting friends over to your house, such as for a home party.

From summery shorts to long-sleeved hoodies recommended for those who want to protect themselves from air conditioning . We have 4 types of items.


■Eco cardboard knit: Shorts

■Eco cardboard knit: Slacks

■Eco cardboard knit: Parka

■Eco cardboard knit: Pullover

<Click here for the coordination introduction video>

Relieve the discomfort of sleeping in summer with a cool touch

KAPOK Sleep Ket & Pillow Cover

``Pillow Cover'' comes in the same colors as ``KAPOK Sleep Ket,'' a skin comforter that can be used in all seasons.

The eucalyptus-derived material used for the outer material has a cooling sensation to the touch , making it a great item for summer bedding.

It's not just the cool texture that feels good.

It has a smooth silk-like texture , and customers who have purchased it have praised it for its ``comfortable touch that you always want to touch'' and ``relaxing texture.''

■KAPOK Sleep Kit

Pillow Cover

<Color variations>

·sky blue



·off white


*Sleep Ket navy will be restocked soon.

<Concept movie that looks behind the scenes of Sleep Ket's manufacturing>

The materials are sustainable, and they are comfortable to wear and feel against your skin.

Let's survive this hot summer with KAPOK KNOT HOME items that will satisfy your mind and body!


Click here for a list of KAPOK KNOT HOME items

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