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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~ Giza cotton T-shirt ~

Thoughts put into the design ~ Giza cotton T-shirt ~

This summer has already seen extremely hot days across the country. I can't live without a T-shirt that is easy to use for going out on holidays or commuting to work.

Until now, KAPOK KNOT has mainly delivered outerwear for fall and winter, but starting this year, they are also developing items that are useful for spring and summer.

Among them, the `` Giza Cotton T-shirt series '' is one that we are long-awaited as a brand . We created 3 types of T-shirts with the aim of making them look like a blouse, ``just wear one and you'll look great.''

In this article, we will introduce the thoughts that KAPOK KNOT put into making their first T-shirt.

<Giza cotton T-shirt series>

Giza Cotton Classic T-shirt

■Giza cotton blouse T-shirt

■Giza cotton pocket blouse T-shirt

Why I made my first T-shirt

Have you ever had this problem when wearing a T-shirt?

"It's well-ventilated and cool, but it looks unreliable and cheap."

"I wish I could wear a T-shirt that I could wear even in business situations where I'm moving around."

The Giza Cotton T-shirt series was created to solve these problems.

As an item from KAPOK KNOT HOME, which promotes "Chic and comfy," we pursued a "chic" design that makes you want to wear it when going out, while using "comfy" material that is easy to move in and comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, as a brand, we want our products to be worn for a long time, so we have chosen materials that are strong enough to resist fading even after repeated wear.

The secret to comfortable materials

Cotton grown in the Giza region of Egypt's Nile River basin is also known as Giza cotton. It is one of the varieties of Egyptian cotton, which is the world's third generation cotton, and is a highly rare and valuable material.

Giza cotton is characterized by its fiber length. It is said that the longer the fibers of cotton, the higher quality it is, and Giza cotton falls under the category of ``long-staple cotton (fiber length of 28 mm or more)'' or ``extra-long staple cotton (fiber length of 35 mm or more)''. Each long fiber is soft and has less fuzz, resulting in a smooth and supple texture. Furthermore, the fibers of Giza cotton are long and thin, making it a lightweight and strong material.

Initially, there was a plan to make T-shirts using kapok, but kapok's fibers are short, and when you try to make a T-shirt, it becomes dry. So, I fell in love with the length of the fibers and decided to use Giza cotton.

As a result, we have created the ideal T-shirt that has just the right amount of firmness, feels good against the skin, and doesn't wrinkle easily even after long periods of wear.

Commitment to design

We have created three types of T-shirts to match a variety of fashion styles. We will introduce the characteristics of each design and recommended coordination.

Giza Cotton Classic T-shirt

This T-shirt is perfect for those who like simple fashion and are particular about quality materials. The oversilhouette makes it look casual at first glance, but the tight collar and long sleeves that cover the elbows give it a structured look. The thick fabric makes it difficult to see through the inner layer, making it easy to use for business situations.


<Recommended coordination>

Pair it with a jacket for office casual wear

■Giza cotton blouse T-shirt

This T-shirt is perfect for those who want to be able to move easily and have a moderate amount of femininity. The product name comes from the drape of the sleeves, similar to a blouse. The sleeves are also made long so that they look like part of the drape. Blouses are usually made from a woven fabric called ``fuku,'' but making them from T-shirt fabric makes them more comfortable to wear. We aimed to create a T-shirt that looks just like outerwear, with the presence of these sleeves that sway like feathers as you walk, allowing you to coordinate your outfit just by wearing one.

<Recommended coordination>

Pair with slacks for an elegant casual look

Giza cotton pocket blouse T-shirt

This T-shirt is perfect for those who want to incorporate unique items and enjoy fashion that is unique to them. We aimed for a modern design with a large square pocket on the chest that looks like a geometric pattern. There are delicate buttons on the back collar, and the back looks like a blouse. This T-shirt shows off your individuality whether you look at it from the front or the back.

<Recommended coordination>

Pair it with denim to add personality to your casual look


The hot summer continues. We want you to enjoy fashion without giving up on comfort or design. This feeling is reflected in KAPOK KNOT HOME's items, especially this T-shirt series.

We created three designs because we wanted people who enjoy a variety of fashion to choose from. I would be happy if you could choose your favorite design while imagining your own fashion or coordination that you would like to try in the future.

* * *