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Article: Thoughts put into the design ~KAPOK Sleep Ket~

Thoughts put into the design ~KAPOK Sleep Ket~

The sun is getting brighter and the long-awaited summer is finally here.

It's an exciting season when you can travel across the ocean or reunite with someone you haven't been able to meet for the first time in two years.

The journey back from a trip can be lonely, but when you return home, the power of plants surrounds you.
In the KAPOK KNOT HOME collection, we have created a product called the KAPOK Sleep Ket that will make even the thought of returning home exciting .

What is KAPOK Sleep Ket?

The ``KAPOK Sleep Ket'' that we created this time is a ``skin comforter'' made using plant-derived materials.

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Things I thought about when designing products

"Sophisticated design, yet comfortable."

I think there are few futons that embody this.
Aiming to create an item that combines two characteristics that may seem impossible at first glance, we created a color scheme and design that can be used reversibly.

The KAPOK Sleep Ket perfectly embodies KAPOK KNOT HOME's concept of "Chic and comfy", providing comfort for both active time enjoying a party in the living room and relaxing time relaxing in the bedroom.

Product features

① Melt-in-your-skin texture

A combination of proprietary eucalyptus-derived fabric and kapok batting. These products create a texture that feels like no other. It will lead you to a comfortable and high quality sleep.

② Excellent moisture absorption and breathability, supporting a refreshing sleep

KAPOK Sleep Ket 's outer material, lining, and filling are made from plants. Both eucalyptus-derived fabric and kapok are fibers that are said to breathe, and have excellent moisture absorption and breathability, keeping you refreshed even on tropical nights.

③ Interior design that makes you look forward to returning home

Even when you suddenly have guests over, just hang it casually over your sofa or bed to create a sophisticated impression. The coloring allows you to coordinate your room with a fashion sense, making it an excellent interior design.

④ Always keep it clean. Machine washable

It can be washed in the washing machine, so you can easily care for it at home. It feels great to be able to thoroughly wash not only the sheets and duvet cover, but also the inside of the duvet.
*Please put it in a washing net and handle it gently.
*Please avoid using the dryer.

Great as a gift◎

KAPOK Sleep Ket is made from plant-based materials and is both environmentally friendly and body-friendly, making it the perfect gift.

For those who request it, we will deliver it in special gift wrapping.

It is also used in places like this.

■ume, yamazoe / Nara
The inn is a renovated house that is over 100 years old, and is open to only three groups a day, where ``something always unprepared'' is being created.

■6ishiki / Kyoto
An art and sauna inn that values ​​``time to face yourself'' and allows you to notice moments of mindfulness sprinkled throughout your daily life.

■Auberge erba stella / Hokkaido
Dishes made with natural ingredients without the use of chemicals, and an extraordinary space rich in nature. An organic auberge with three rooms run by a couple who are professional vegetable sommeliers.


  • Q.Are there no double sizes?
    • A.Currently, only singles are available. If two people are using it, we recommend a set of two.
      [Reference] Single size: 140cm x 200cm, weight approximately 1.4kg
  • Q.How long is the futon intended to be used?
    • A.It is intended for all seasons. You can use it alone in spring and summer, and as a blanket under your comforter in fall and winter.
  • Q.Is gift wrapping possible?
    • A. Yes, it is possible. Please order the "KAPOK Sleep Ket" and "gift wrapping" as a set at the online store.
  • Q. Will sold out colors be resold?
    • A. Due to popular demand, we are reproducing some colors. Currently, only the navy color is scheduled to arrive at the end of July. If you register for "Restock Notification", we will notify you via email as soon as the item is back in stock, so please consider this.
  • Q. How should I take care of it?
    • A. It can be washed in your washing machine at home. When washing, please use a net and refrain from using fabric softener as much as possible. This may cause the stitches to lose their shape or slip off. Do not use the dryer. After washing, please dry naturally in the shade.

Finally: Future life imagined by KAPOK KNOT

Words such as SDGs and sustainability have become trendy, and the number of plant-based clothing has increased.

However, I think it's difficult to make a decision to buy something just because it uses plant-based materials. For example, if someone chooses an item for reasons such as ``I want to put it in my room because the design is cute'' or ``I want to try it because it feels good on the skin,'' and the result is that the item is made from plant-based materials, it may be easier to incorporate it into my own personal life. mosquito. This feeling is embedded in KAPOK KNOT HOME.

At KAPOK KNOT , we will continue to create products that will inspire everyone to adopt "sustainability."

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◆KAPOK Sleep Kit

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